Friday, 27 February 2015

Battle Rap Friday Vol7 Loaded Lux @iamloadedlux @urltv @UWBattleLeague @kotdtv

1 of my favorite rappers in the last 15 years has been Loaded Lux. From the foundation Smack DVD's, to Lionz Den and his return

I've liked that he goes above and beyond the typical battle rapper from Smack

Some get  tiered of his "preacher" style but I have found it refreshing in a league of shoot em up gangsters




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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Battle Rap Friday #6 Locksmith @dalocksmith

Locksmith is a West Coast artist/producer who first gained notoriety in the underground hip hop scene through MTV's MC Freestyle Championship. Lock, along with his group The Frontline received commercial radio play and began building a regional buzz. But it wasn't until he began his solo career in 2011, he started to cultivate a loyal fan base. Locksmith has toured with Joe Budden, hip hop purists Murs, R.A. the Rugged Man, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mindtricks and collaborated with legendary producers 9th Wonder (Stand It) and Ski Beatz(Lock). Lock has been featured on MTV, BET, Sirius XM's Shade 45, Hot 97's "Who's Next?" concert series and all major hip hop blogs. His first official album A Thousand Cuts was released April 15, 2014.

Battle Rap Friday Volume # 5 THesaurus

So one of my favorite battle rappers who I've been watching dominate the battle scene for almost a decade now is Thesaurus. From Scribble Jam to Spin the Mic the 2 on 2's GrindTime, KOTD Champ etc.

There's Diz Okwerdz Illmac Dumb Nocando etc but Thesaurus too me has always represented and was the face of west coast rap

Early THesaurus in a freestyle battle with west coast vet Bo Rat

One of my favorite 2 on  2's my 2 favorite teams

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Battle Rap Friday Vol #4 Charron @charronkotd @OrganikHipHop @Rapgrid

Ok this week we are presenting one of if not THE best freestylers in battle rap. The ultimate underdog rapper Charron. From very early in watching Charron I had predicted Charrons freestyle ability would propel him to being the future of  KOTD and Canadian battle rap.
He had a foundation that most had lost in very strong off the top, and through the year his writing has increasingly improved.

Charron has gone from battling in a highschool cafeteria to battling on national TV,

Notable Victories

Proud 2B EH Battle MC Champion
Rap City Freestyle Champion
BET Freestyle Friday Champion

Charrons debut battle that almost ended in a fight

Charron Vs Sandman

Check out Charrons KOTD debut vs Sandman which was a clear one sided bodybag and you didn't hear from Sandman for awhile there.

Check out Charron early on we got him in the Concrete Guerilla clothing 

Charron Vs Surgeon General

Check out Charrons debut in the US for GT in there MOB series. One of the few Canadians to come home with the W, Charron faces another freestyle in specialist in Florida battle veteran Surgeon General

Charron vs Arsonal

One of Charrons breakaway performances was Charron in Don't Flop vs UDubb President and most travelled MC, New Jerseys Arsonal. Charron took the victory

Charrons vs BMagic
After Charron faced Arson he got the oppurtunity in UDubb vs St Louis battler B Magic
Very close battle that many view as a style preference

Shotgun Suge vs Charron
Check out Charron surprisingly makes a URL with the Internets long requested opposite match
Shotgun Suge vs Charron. This is the ultimate gangster vs nerd battle match up
I always claimed it would be a body by Charron but Suge surprised me with one of his best performances

Finally Charron gets his well deserved title match at BO5 vs CHampion Pat Stay

Friday, 6 February 2015