Thursday, 28 January 2016

#TBT Blaze Battles @therealyoungzee @EDubDetroit @RZA

Monday, 25 January 2016

MUSIC MONDAY High Priests of Low-Life @flightdistance @al_bender @patrickflight @djcalkuta @DJSoNice @QuarterInchKing

High Priests of Low-Life cover art
High Priests of Low-Life is the third full-length album by Canadian hip-hop group Flight Distance and the fourth greatest thing to ever happen to you.


released November 15, 2014 

Written, performed and arranged by Bender and Patience (SOCAN/ASCAP). 
Except guest verses: written and performed by each credited artist, respectively. 

Additional instrumentation and production by James Hancock. 
Mixed by James Hancock (Kanata, ON) 

Scratches performed by Calkuta. 
Except "Looneys": scratches performed by DJ So Nice. 

Recorded by DJ So Nice (Hassan Hamdan) at Busy Studios (Gatineau, QC). 

Mastered by The Quarter Inch Kings (Toronto, ON) 

Cover art and layout by Christian Awad (Ottawa, ON) 

Manufactured by Standard Media (Ottawa, ON) 

Made in Canada, 2014. 

Flight Distance gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa. 

@flightdistance @al_bender @patrickflight @djcalkuta

New Ep from Fvrdigo Fardigo a.k.a Fardigo The Bossman !!

young artist (urban pop)
for management @

Saturday, 23 January 2016

@BeastModeBattle @OnlyLukeNukem VS @StepEasy3rdAve @JonnyJibbz @LymeLyteVideo @TheLexxorcist @Levcorso

BeastMODE - LUKE NUKEM VS STEP EASY - Rap Battle - Hosted By @JonnyJibbz - Co Hosted by @Levcorso

Feel free to say who you think won in the comments below.

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COLD by @Fridayakarickyd 

#BeltBoys #Savage #NaturalSelection #PH

@KOTRonalds PREDICTION VLOG @mickyworthless @CADALACKRON @bowski1 @NapoleanSoloUK @double_cup_kase

King of the Ronalds - The Cadalack Ron Tour - Hull | Battle Rap Event

King of the Ronalds - The Cadalack Ron Tour - London | Battle Rap Event

Friday, 22 January 2016

@LoePesci @OrganikHipHop @KingOfTheDot @grindtimenow @DontFlop @WordUPBattles @TheOZoneBattles @DNA_GTFOH @Real_DealRaps

Friday Battle Spotlight: Loe Pesci

Loe Pesci - Battle Rapper Profile

With the talks of him possibly making his return to battling, lets spotlight one of the best battlers out of the Great White North.

Pesci was one of the first villains in battle rap. Which makes it easy to hate him. 

He was an original character in battle rap.

Where he failed is when he said he'll treat battle rap like a job when it pays him like one, and I believe left right before that could have happened.

If Pesci still battled he would have continued to be a top rapper in the world. His chokes were the only thing that truly tarnished that legacy. 

Lets hope we are seeing the return at Black Out 



2 on 2 battles

Thursday, 21 January 2016

#TBT Spin The Mic 06 @jumpofftv @illmaculate @TheSaurus831 @questmcody @ProlificTalks MCNocando @respekba @syan1de

Throwback Thursday

We are throwing back to my favorite freestyle format styled tournament I have watched online. 
Spin The Mic.

When I first seen this I totally dreamed of being in one day. They looked like they would be fun as hell.
Where battling has gone right now I doubt high level MC’s would still be looking to put themselves out there like this. It’s a true freestyle tourney.
Imagine this being done at a World Domination with the level of talent that shows up for that event would be amazing

This is where Illmaculate really blew me away as a battler. 
Plus the homie Prolific representing in this for us up North. 

Shout out JumpOff for the innovation 

#TBT #PROUD 2 B EH BATTLE MC @DrinkWithChris @OrganikHipHop @ProlificTalks @MintyBurns @kidtweezy @KingOfTheDot @ryanpvpkotd

One of the main predecessors of the KOTD movement would be the Toronto tournament Proud 2 B Eh Battle MC. So much so King of the Dot bought and continue the series as there freestyle element with winners like Charron and Thesaurus.
Out of Proud 2 B, came the likes of myself(Mumbles), Kid Twist, Prolific JR Mint and more.  It is also where a young hungry battle rapper named Organik formed a friendship with a young producer named PVP over their love of battling. That friendship formed into a partnership and the rest is history.  You have to question if there never was a Proud 2 B freestyle tournament would there have been a KOTD as we know it now.
Shout out to the homie Chris. Giving me a spot to perform as well as to battle. Definitely some fun times were had rocking down at the El Mocambo.


Monday, 18 January 2016

KEEP IT 100 by @100Bulletz feat @bishopbrigante @daylyttk @T_DUBB_O @LynxMontana @BoriAfolabi

"Keep It 100" is the debut album of rapper/producer 100 Bulletz.


released January 2, 2014 

Produced by: 100 Bulletz 
Executive Producer: 100 Bulletz & Bishop Brigante 
Cover Art: Jake Janisse 
Mixed & Mastered by: "Shadow" at M.A.D Studios 
Tracks 1,6,8 Mixed by: Kemyst


Music Monday @Dialect1 SBTVonline @DontFlop @twitteurgh

Music Monday: Dialect

When this man is not considered one of the best battlers out is a sign that appreciation to actual rapping ability has diminished greatly. Not only is he a great battler, but just facing him forces other battlers to up there rapping. 

Where that comes from is a thing that the modern battler has totally forgot about it. Actually making music. Battling used to be means to an end and not the actual goal. 

The grime stuff is really great and shows great delivery and when good great lyricism to go with it.

Check out Dialect as he can flip it musically in the grime world and the hip hop world. 

Leeds born Dialect has got P's on his mind in his latest visual. He spits some truth about issues that can develop when money is a worry.

Dialect | Warm Up Sessions [S8.EP20]: SBTV

Dialect & Pean | Supply & Demand [Music Video]: SBTV
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Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday Spotlight @ConceitedNYC @urltv @KingOfTheDot @DontFlop @NickCannon @WildNOutBattle ‏@r_RapBattles @JFox209Sons @malsorey @FilmOnTV@Dumbfoundead

Conceited - Battle Rapper Profile
"Two pistols. Silencer on when I'm dumpin'em. I know you fearing Con that's a lie if you think you can run (Qu'ran) after I muzzle'em ."
Real NameReggie Connors
OriginBrooklyn, NY/ Miami,FL
Rap GroupS.O.N.S.
LeaguesURLDa Jungle,Grind Time
Motto"Slow it down I just dissed you!!!"

Thursday, 14 January 2016

#TBT @KingOfTheDot World Domination Battle Rap #olympics @twitteurgh @organik @Bishopbrigante @gullytk @MrDizaster @ThatGuyHFK @patstay @charronkotd @real_dealraps


So fot #TBT we are paying homage to one of the original mega events in battle rap, and maybe the longest running Mega event KOTDs World Domination.
This is the Olympics of battle rap. This is the one time you will get not only the best in North America but the best all over the world together on one stage.
Where else can you go see a rep from Phillipines Australia UK South Africa Canada and US all together.  
I love the idea of the event and I hope they continue to push this event to have people all over the world representing, don’t just turn it to another megaevent with the best from North America being represented
This was the first one so I believe only  Canada US and UK were really represented in this inaugural event

Labelled as terrorist battler 
This was the best HFK and he got robbed
Diz was good 
Enjoyable battle 

Matt Daley Vs Lawjick
Wow I don’t even remember seeing this battle and I was at the event. I don’t even know who Lawjick is.
It seemed it didn't go they had 

Tycoon vs Roosevelt.
Two lower mid tier cats who got a good opportunity
Flamez and Diaz two dudes who get more hate then they deserve. Diaz is actually a good “rapper” but not a great battler. Flamez has had chokes really fuck up his potential I liked this match up

The homie Aftershock was the underdog as this was a battle vs one of the best pens in the Fresh Coast.  As Aftershock is the homie and I’ve always thought Dlor kind of a clown how he carries himself outside of battling I was glad when Aftershock took the victory

Ok this match brings back history Big Kaliente fan felt he was underappreciated in the KOTD  crowd He was also robbed vs Hollohan in the battle they had. Frankie Wapps is a funny guy who can think of  funny punches Not the best rapper
Happened at another event

One of my favorite from the event. These are two of my favorite battlers for years now. This was when Charron was still mainly a freestyler with some funny lines A Class is clever on how he attacks 
Happened at another event

This was the start of the Tricky P Deffinition wars 
I’m just throwing it out there  How about Tricky P/ Deffinition 2 on 2 vs Charron/Cruger 2 on2 match up to finalize it

Times have changed. This was when  Porich and Sensa were two of the biggest names on there selected platforms. 

This had such potential to be a great matchup But it had one of Pescis most famous chokes that kind of ruined the replay value and killed an amazing real deal and promising Pesci performance.

The friend vs friend battle that was highly anticipated  It’ was back and forth and was all it was made up to be. It’s at this point that Pat overtook Hollohans position in the spot for KOTD.
Kap Kallous was much better than I thought he would be when he went in on Charron
I think both teams did well and pretty enjoyable 2 on2
Jaze Juce is the better version of Frankie Wapps when it comes to battling. I think he’s more of an MC. Justice not the most lyrical but was on his Justice McFly shit that day. Nice from both
Skelly vs QP????????
Dam that would have been something
This might be my battle of two of the most underrated battlers that I really rock with. Jack shitt was so underrated on KOTD. He could come back and kill. Cruger gets more love but not enough
Miracle vs Rone
This was a battle of Miracle as a Vet and rone known but still up coming in the Toronto scene. And soon he’s about to be champ.
Would have been good 
 probable BOTN 
This was incredible performance from both of them 
 This was when both these guys were getting hated on for the fact they been  on tears
Sketch been slept on. 
They both called each other pedophiles haha.
KOTD top guy vs DF top guy 
Eurghs battled allot for KOTD. 
Back when jokes still ran KOTD loved this battle
This was a major upset as nobody really expected Arcane to have a chance. However if we look at resumes Arcane is a killer of the WC vets. We just need to have him face Caustic at Blackout and Illmac at the next World Domination event lol

Saturday, 9 January 2016

14 Minutes of Simpsons Bars in Battle Rap @minnesotaluke


Pat Stay vs Cortez (KOTD) -

Charron vs Arcane (KOTD) -

Arkiac vs Dekay (Dont Flop) -

Conceited vs Dumbfoundead (KOTD) -

Chilla Jones vs M Ciddy (URL) -

Loe Pesci vs Soul Khan (Dont Flop) -

Loe Pesci vs Anygma (Flip Top) -

QP vs 24/7 (Grind Time Now) -

Marvwon vs Fatal (Bar Wars) -

Hollohan vs Kid Twist (KOTD) -

Dizaster vs Trex (URL) -

Danny Myers vs Brixx Belvedere (Spit Dat Heat) -

Loaded Lux vs Young Miles (Smack DVD) -

Charron vs Unanymous (Dont Flop) -

Hollohan vs Cortez (KOTD) -

Show Off vs Dubb Da Feenom (Brick City) -

Illipsis vs Copasetic (KOTD) -

JC vs Gjonaj (Bar Wars) -

Conceited vs Tall T (Grind Time) -

Daylyt vs Lotta Zay (IBattle) -

Hollohan vs Lavish Language (KOTD) -

Daylyt vs QP (KOTD) -

KG Da Poet vs Heartless (KOTD) -

Tricky P vs Charron (KOTD) -


Danny Myers vs Mr Mills (Spit Dat Heat) -

Daylyt vs Passwurdz (Grind Time) -

Pigsty vs Diaz (GZ Battles) -

Tricky P vs Charron (KOTD) -

Real Deal vs B Magic (URL) -

Pat Stay vs Arcane (KOTD) -

Charron vs Charlie Clips (KOTD) -

Pass vs DNA (KOTD) -

HEAD ICE vs Real Deal (KOTD) -

PNut vs Xcel (KOTD) -

X Factor vs Cortez (URL) -

JC vs Big Kannon (Rare Breed Entertainment) -

J Fox vs Pnut (Grind Time Now) -

Erik Foreman vs Nikiya (Counter Productive) -

Jaz Da Rapper vs 40 BARRS (QOTR) -

Dizaster vs Gjonaj (KOTD) -

Charron vs JJDD (KOTD) -

Aye Verb vs Danny Myers (KOTD) -

Rum Nitty vs Tycoon Tax (KOTD) -

Miracle vs Bender (KOTD) -

Loe Pesci vs Syco (KOTD) -

Chief Trez vs Riggz (Spit Dat Heat) -

DNA / K Shine vs JJJDD / Syah Boy (Dont Flop) - 

Tay Roc vs JJDD (URL) -

Automatic Ray vs Hemi (URL) -

Jay Cruz vs Tiny K (Dont Flop) -

Ish Mula vs Mo Mullah (We Go Hard) -

The Saurus vs Rone (KOTD) -

Conceited vs Hitman Holla (URL) -

E Ness vs Arsonal (Gunline Battle Line) -

B Loyal vs J Solo (Boss Battle League) -

Celestial vs Vokab (Grind Time Now) -

Charlie Clips vs Aye Verb (URL) -

Heartless vs JR Slander (Face Off Battle League) -

Dizaster vs Arsonal (KOTD) -


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