Thursday, 31 March 2016

#DatKingShit #TBT @grindtimenow @frescoclean vs @moodswangs @sonybamboo

Check out the battle from old GTMW division 
With Sonny Bamboo who now runs DFUSA
Moodswangs is an oldschool veteran and a cornerstone of this battle era
This was when Fresco was a little bit unknown People looked at his image and not really ready for his fire

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

#FEATURING @BishopBrigante w' @SnakTheRipper @choclair @getatKAT @RochesterJuice @OvOJonnyRoxx @ldarrylqffo @100bulletz @RichieSosa @KinSmuv

Bishop Brigante
Featuring Bishop Brigante

On behalf of his battling just dropping and me loving homegrown music, the next music spotlight will be on none other than Bishop Brigante aka The Gambling Man.
Yes, he is actually not just a KOTD co-host with a crazy mirror obsession.
Section 6 Head Honcho, member of Slug, 1 6 of WiseGuys KOTD Co-host/battler
You can hear the date in some of the songs but in general it is a pretty solid collection music 


A collection of all the best songs featuring Bishop Brigante

Sunday, 27 March 2016

@ItsARP #RBE @swavesevah vs @MolotovMyers #DatKingShh Review #WritersBloque #TeamHomi #Yikes #RIPPH #DIDSWAVEROBDANNY #SARAKANAVSDANNYMYERS #HOWDAREYOU

Swave vs Danny Myers is a very controversial battle.  There was allot of talk of east coast Team Homi bias. And some who are claiming  Danny got robbed. I will start saying I prefer Swave Sevahs style to Danny Myers

Round 1
Some good jokes about there both voices and Swaves hair
You’ll be bleeding on the curb serious Weird setup
Ya momma gotta deal with this shitLike when my daughter got her first period

Mossberg close range leave his body mangled
This Kick only time I bring up an karate angle

I gave 12k to Rex that aint shit I gotta a bloddy past/
M and my nigga had got pulled over we had dummy cash/
I had to swallow the dope
 I was a rapper trying not to aknowledge that white boy in me… like Money Bags!!!

 That was fire

Some of his punches were reaches but that is Dannys style
His setups are horrible but his punches are in general fire

Swave slipups in the 1st round kind of weak. I am surprised
It got hot after the beginning
Its not allot of bars but some smooth actual rapping beyond set up punc set punch
Hard to see us drama seekers/
Bar god? What’s a god to a non believer/
Yo dam bro you gonna diss danny myers with Kanye?/
So ! He pussy like panty liners and Strangee/
I’ll set your family on fire.  Flambe/
Fuck your bloque I will burn your city down.. Pompei

I edge to Danny do to the slip up. And Swave could have had some bigger punches
Swave opening was so tripping up but from the middle to the end was hot

2nd round
Danyy punches and wordplay on some horror movie shit pretty good.
Some Swave old jokes I swear the same age lol
Pretty strong round from Danny
Best I’ve seen him in a bit
I’ll put the tool to Swave, you’ll die from old age very shortly/
You are the first battle rapper to be managed by Berry Gordy//

Swave starts the second round with some nice nameflip wordplay
Some ok flow delivery but the punches were meh
I liked the breakdown of the BarGod

I’m a put this God to put rest the Sabbath day
Shout out to PH
Easy win for Danny

3rd round
Why Danny had the beef with Sara Kana hahhahhahaha
Some ok punches in this
But it’s the weakest round of the 3
I like how it ended
The list of Harlem rappers hahahaa

Swave going in on Danny saying he’s the King of Harlem
Some gruesome shit
Not allot of punches but great angle
I will say this round was an easy win for Danny

So overall this battle was pretty even
If you judge rounds Danny won 2-1 but overall I could see how you could edge to Swave. 
He did have the strongest round of the battle in 3rd and rapped last

If I judged the battle I might edge to Danny 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

#DatKingShh #WWESmackdown Review #BootyO’s #DivasTitle #KOMania #RomanEmpire #WooWooWoo #YouKnowIt #SuplexCity

We open Smackdown with Charlotte and Ric Flair trash talking and a match with Sasha Banks. Obviously I don’t see this being a clean finish  but I was actually surprised by how it ended. I’m glad Becky showed some heats
It’s been awhile since a divas match has been the most anticipated match of the card but I’m pumped for this.

NewDay are hilarious #NewDayRocks
They are pretty good at there promotions of product
And they go in to big up there match with Leage of Booty (Nations)
The Michael Jordan of … baseball hahahaha
So we got a match with Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston
Why is Kofi the only one who wrestles for NewDay He is like there worker bee.
Kofi still amazing in room performer
Both Sheamus and Kofi are solid workers and of course put an ok match together
League of Nations have been smarter using the numbers game to there advantage.
The NewDay need a surprise new member RTruth???

Uso are workers but they don’t have the charisma or storyline that have you carry on.
Not really anticipating there match with Dudleys
So vs The Ascension. The Demolition LOD rejects
The Uso double superkicks are Rockers esque
Dudleys good at there trash talking

I like Roman Reigns stepping up to defend the Samoan honor.

Shane O Mac vs Undertaker???? I don’t see how he could win this. Don’t kill Undertakers legacy

The IC match is going to be an amazing match filler Be some great spots
So we have Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz and Kevin Owens
Miz the weakest of the performers in the ring. The rest of them are all pretty amazing in ring wrestlers. I can see Zayn winning to push a feud with him and Kevin Owens.  
Should end with all of the contenders in the ring
I don’t like they got the win over Miz when Miz was getting sold out. I think they should have allowed Zayn over Kevin

Roman vs Buh Buh
Buh Buh can make it look enjoyable beatdown by Roman

The GoldenTruth saga is getting tiresome
Make them partners or feud

Ryback is kind of doing his character a bit better

AJ Styles is a little fish in a big pond in WWE. I can see him ending just like Dolph Ziggler but no WWE title.
Aj Styles vs Tyler Breeze cool spot filler match

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman building his hype for a match with Dean Ambrose
I have to admit I’m more intriguing than before
Terry Funk Mick Foley helping out in the hype
The Wyatts coming out is weird WWE really didn’t use them right
But by every scene they make it look impossible for Dean Ambrose

What match you guys looking for  

Friday, 25 March 2016

@scrambles4money persents @TumiMolekane vs @Al_Bender #Scrambles4Money #TalkisCheap3 #Back2Africa #Motherland #DatKingShh

1st round
Tumi went bar to bar with multi which is pretty incredible. Bender didn’t slip up at all and should some amazing raps no  big punches though
I edge that round to Tumi

2nd round
Tumi bad rebuttal to start the round
But goes back to some nice multi schemes
Compareing Bender skill to his body type was a very unique way to do the typical attack Benders weight that people do I like that
That Syd Vicious body? Yeah you put him in a bag You annihilated Sydney/
That’s why you remind me of Luther Vand Flaming when he’s skinny//

If you betting on Bender it better be David Beckham
We want that slender Bender, that 24/7 killer/
Tournament ender, not this bloated body that’s all filler//

…Then goes in on him
Ben then was a monster to watch.. Ben10

I hate rappers asking the crowd for reaction

Bender does what he does Drop a nice African language joke
Some local reference that got great reaction

My archives deep you wanna get in a bar fight genius/
Get a cut with a fat lip like a Pharcyde remix
I def give that round to Tumi

Round 3
Tumi should  have started with this is not Illmac!!!
Comes with some real talk
Talking about touring in Canada fucking Canadian women
Speaking on certain people using gun bars and speaking on struggle they don’t live
Some real  talk shit for real
I feel bad that it’s hard to quote Benders stuff
It’s not that it’s so fire It’s just to intricate
The whole diamonds scheme was crazy
Bender really talked shit but was much more impressive
Talking down Tumi radio music
Bender took this round easily

Great battle I think Tumi took this battle 2-1 

#BATTLERSPOTLIGHT @SWAVESEVAH @KINGOFTHEDOT @URLTV @UDuBBNetwork @GO_RillaWarfare @Grindtimenow @SUNUGAN_PRO @poisonpen @ItsARP @traphousemidwst @nocbattles @pitfights @wbl_philly #TEAMHOMI #RIPPH #RIPSEANPRICE #KingJuice

So Today the battle spotlight is on one rapper who’s legacy gets way overlooked. Swaves been beasting for longer than allot of rappers that we like to call legends but somehow some refuse to honor him with that much deserved title.  We all know that Swave is NY bred repping Harlem, but we have kind of adopted him as one of our own in Toronto. I don’t know if it’s the Bishop Brigante connection. But I remember Swave judging some Toronto battles, and also being an active member in our old HipHopCanada message board community.
He has had many classic battles including matches vs Syd Vicious and a bodybag of QP. But also had some setbacks like battles with Dizaster and HeadICE. For awhile it had seemed that the battle world had left behind Swave. I don’t know if it’s the anger he is feeling with the passing of his brothers, but Swave has been nothing but a beast recently. From his victory over Danny and debatable amazing battle vs TheSaga.  Swave looks to be on his killer shit right now, and I feel bad for who he is going to be facing.

Matches I want to see Swave Sevah in
KOTD Toronto Swave Sevah vs Skelly
Or Swave/BishopBrigante 2 on 2 
LA Swave Sevah vs DBD
URL Swave Sevah vs T Rex in Harlem
DontFlop Swave Sevah vs Shox the Rebel
Don’tFlopUSA Swave Seva vss Jonny Storm

What matches would you want to see Swave Sevah in
What's your favorite Swave Sevah battle

Plus don't forget Swave Sevah one of the few battlers that can actually spit tracks 

Monday, 21 March 2016

@IronSolomon vs @mrdizaster @KingOfTheDot #BattleReview #IronSolomonWins #DatKingShh@OrganikHipHop @RexKOTD @KingFlyKOTD @NorthANomix @GullyTK @BishopBrigante @DjDoctaKOTD @SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon @AvocadoIsGod @NelsonAries @DamnItsClayton @SketchMenace @ddubbkotd @lasparka604 @WillieBKOTD @NikiyaO @PoisonPenBK @Alwayz_Wynn @Malathion01 @MouseMediaPro @ScottJacksonBB @RyanPVPKOTD @ReverenceNS @Lemme_kno @DGibs @PhillyDFilms @seansirianni @M_3rcy @JoeCashKOTD @Kryple @elcheapostudios @HipHopVancouver @MistaConspiracy @LifeOverCrime

Round 1
Diz was good but only if you into the racist bars…. I am not
You know rhymes with Bar Mitzvah.? Swatizka
And Anne Frank Bars
Some Pesci bars
I liked the whole speaking on the Iron Solomon quitting comeback shit.
Iron has had an artificial heart since the start of his career// Dam

Iron becomes rusty when you let to much time past//

It was a good ending better than opening  with the racist bars
The middle was good
Saying that he didn’t get his whole round means Diz wrote too much

Iron Solomon much better and composed battler love his structure but some corny punch

You can’t compete??????  Really
He had some good simple jokes

This afghan a stan hahahahahaha

The whole eye scheme about the fighting was fucking crazy

Since Homies a clown I might throw my  3rd round I wanna sock ya/
So if I beat this pussy ass 2-1 It’s not a shocker//

I think Iron structure to much for Dizaster easy round for Iron

Diz drops some jokes racist rebuttal starting the 2nd
Dam compare him to Iverson was crazy
Diz going in on iron career
This round is Diz in his element

How’s that recording studio going? You recording still? Dude your ill//
Still working on the recording deal..You’ll make it I know you will//

Who’s Iron Solomons Dad?
Doing Big T and don’t give Big T his props in it Kind of wack
I hope some of it is freestyle in the round
But the ending was meh,,,

In the 2nd round Iron Solomon was right Diz was doing a bit of Pat Stay vibe
Iron Solomon just straight out rapped him in this round
Got deeper into some Ye shit than Amber Roses finger//

Iron returns with some racial jokes
But breaks down Diz really true
I’m making this pussies tight this a Kegel exercise//

This was more even round pretty equal. Edge to Iron Solomon

Round 3
I like rebuttal from Diz  on Irons Solomon pinkeye

His Iron science bars was pretty crazy

You got beat down by Mook and couldn’t fight no more
That makes you the worse kind of whore
The one who fucks once and quits cause her vagina sore

You more pussy than a Weekend concert

I liked that Diz got better each and every round. He got more structured and better rhymes and and better jokes as the battle going on.
He went in on the political shit
The different language shit kind of lost me on this

Another breakdown of Diz inconsistency Iron goes in.
I think this was good but it was the weakest round from Iron Solomon
Warriors bars!!!!!!
Iron Solomon  better rapper by far


This was a great battle from both. I gotta give the battle to Iron Solomon 2-1 maybe 3-0 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

#TNA #Impactonpop #CHarismaticInigma #Sorryboutyourdamluck #GradoSucks #NewTNAChamp #DrewGalloway #EricYoung

So we start with the return of Jeff Hardy. With the loss of Kurt Angle they needed this return.
It’s Hardy vs Eric Young (Winner is the 3rd member of the title match with Matt Hardy and EC3)
I think Eric Young is the best and most important wrestler for TNA in the past decade. From Team Canada to being a womans champ He’s great at whatever weird gimmick given.
Good match with Hardy and Young
So Jeff  Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs EC3 for the title. Interesting…

Of course Matt Hardy comes to speak to his brother Jeff.
Good deal attempt for Matt Hes always been better on the mic than Jeff
Jeff hitting the twist of fate

So abyss little team goes at Eddie Edwards and now he got Beer Money backing him up cause Davey Richards is out

Mike and Maria vs Gail and Drew
I’m glad Maria back in the ring
Maria is a bit annoying but shes supposed to be
I’m glad Gail Kim has come back to wrestling Great in the ring
I hate Mix tag matches they are kind of always bad
Maria is horrible in the ring
I like Miracle vs Drew feud

So we have Bobby Lashley out to explain his heel turn.
Without a manager I don’t know if he got the charisma to pull it off.
He’s not getting anyone to boo him for a while  lol
Very generic Finally pulling a “LASHLEY SUCKS” chant
He’d be amazing in WWE as a Heyman Guy
Dam the Pope took one for Josh Matthews.
But Josh Matthews came up through Tough Enough. He has in the ring training. I am waiting for the day he steps up and stops being a punk

Eddie Edwards Beer Money vs Decay
I’ve always been a big fan of a Abyss I understand people look at him as a Mankind ripoff but he’s been rocking too long for that. 
He’s kind of a mix of Mankind/Kane/Undertaker  He’s great with characters as shown through the years as well

Rosemary kind of creepy but silly to have her in a match She know CHyna and not even a Litaor Jackie
Decay wun  snore zzzz

Eli Drake and Grado feud over the briefcase
So a ladder match that I’m not that interested in
Some bully vs nerd full force
Grado is not even good in the ring
I’m surprised Jessie stll got a job hahaha

I wonder what former Tag Team Champions they going to be able to bring in for the tag match
Hernandez & Homicide
Main Event Mafia
British Invasion
Motor City Machine Guns
Hardy Boys

Who else

So we got a cool 3 way dance match. I would love it to be a set up of a hardy Boys reunion but I highly doubt.
Best match of the night
Matt is the best heel hahaha
Wow Drew couldn’t get success in WWE and TNA Champion. That was a whole lot of  an ending. A little to much but ending well

Saturday, 19 March 2016

#DatKingShh @WWE #Smackdown Review #GoldenTruth #ROmanEmpire #DivaChampionship #NewDayRocks #SocialOutcasts #suplexcity #Wrestlemania

So SmackDown opens with a nice short very entertaining speech from Roman Reigns.
Nice hype trash talk.  Almost a heel promo
“Because I Can”
I’m still hoping against the heel turn but I see it happening

Showing the obvious feud breaking up of Y2AJ
Aj Styles does a meh.. promo
I’m glad Kevin Owens came out to save the promo
You guys have the same haircut hahahaha

Out comes Dolph Ziggler vs Miz again. They’ve fought like 100 times already 
This better be just to set up the IC multiple man match. The definition of filler match
Like always a great match between the two
Great ending

So showing Ryback vs Calisto. A match I’m not anticipating but Calisto is pretty good.

Dean Ambrose doing a in the city promo for his match. I’m liking Dean more and more…

Buh Buh Dudley vs Goldust
Meh match
Hope it’s used to set up Golden Truth
Over 15 titles between Goldust and Buh Buh
I likee Buh Buh trash talking
Wack ending
R Trith comes out so I hope it means Golden Truth team

The WWE Diva Championship has been the best feud and buildup of Wrestlemania
Charlotte Sasha and Becky have created a nice buzz Charlotte hell Sasha tweener and Becky face.
So many different ways it could go
I wonder what kind of trick from there past she going to play you can tell it’s mind games and it is great
I really hope Sasha to take it. She is a star She could be the next Trish Stratus
This has been the best WWE womans division in decades
I’m glad they beat up Charlotte but at the end if you notice it was Sashas music being played

The New Day Rocks
We got Kofi Kingston vs King Barrett
Looks like using League of Nations to help the New Day face turn
A nice funny New Day promo
Booty O’s 
Big E is secretly the best in New Day He is fucking funny
They are hilarious
Kofi still one of the best in ring performers for the WWE
Barrets still boring
I loved the ending great win for Kofi

Some more great Dean Ambrose promos from a location in the bar

Raw Rebound showing what happened with McMahon vs Undertaker

#SocialOutcasts in da house!!!! I don’t like them arguing Now he  beating them all up
Dean Ambrose hometown

Kevin Owens vs Aj Styles
Indie fan dream match on WWE. The best from TNA vs the best from ROH wrestling on WWE is pretty amazing
I see Y2J causing the lost of the match
Great match between the two But what do you expect
Ok ending but predictable

I love how Y2J knows how to play with the crowd

Pretty good but could have had more matches

@minnesotaluke #VetsPlay #SwearToGod @urltv @kingofthedot @tsu_surf @O_red @Ayeverb @Hitmanholla @arsonaldarebel @mrdizaster @_kay_shine @marvwon @Questmcody

A Short History of Crowd Reactions and Participation in Battle Rap @minnesotaluke

#BattlesNeedingShine @beastmodebattles @413BattleLeague @swaggaboss @Blackademiks518 @sydlunacy @Urban209 @jonnyjibbz @artifakt416 #DatKingShh #PowerandRespect #GETHIMASODA

Black is not bad he had some nice punches Good delivery  Played off his sounding white really well
Bet on black or you fuck up all  your chances tonight/
You ain't ready, your bars aint heavy and Blacks the absent of light//

Mac and Nina and macarena don't rhyme well

Funny breakdown of Lu rhymes even if  he didn't get all the rhymes right
Black had some ok funny jokes in the 2nd round

I ain't worried what's in your Arsonal, see these Hollows on a higher plain/
To see me bothered, Pina Colada, Lu You getting caught in the rain//

Your known for a chain or corny video game bars... Dave & Bisters/

Lu goes in with some impressive writing  He used some next level wordplay
I won the intro and the outro and i aint losing a round/
I'm up 5-0 on black that's why I'm shooting him down
One little slip up in the 1st

Steady grind my shit be mad deep/
THe onlt reason he ahead of his time, cause he was this weak last week/ 

The superstition bars was crazy

You aint just black black you BLACK black/
Ness Lee with a tan black 

I don't even have time or the energy to quote his 2nd round quotables but fucccck

I round with with some niggas you don't clown wit'/
You can't SHYNE with these GORILLAS BLACK you don't even sound BIG//

Black start 3rd round pretty crazy with some punch after punch

Going crazy Can't support Autism bars with my family involved in it

The can will make him talk different in other words bout to give this kid a soda//

As a Jamaican I gotta big up Usain Bolt bars
hahaha some funny racist bars
Everyone I work with ill as a fuck Staff infection// 

I didn't like Lu talking through Blacks rounds

The crowd is hillarious with there adlibs hitting in the sides.
I think Black actually was so much better than I expected and other than Troy brown did the best I've seen against Lu but still it was a clear W for Lu Cypher

Now I have been a big fan of Syd Vicious for years now. One of the very underrated MC's who could really upset top tiers if oppurtunities given.
Urban the Element impressed me in his run for the GP on KOTD, had a great battle with my homie Aftershock. I think Syd more experienced and more versatile but Urban got great bars still

I like how Urban just jumped in switch Syds intro and dropped into his round
Hes very good at rapping some nice schemes  some nice personals

Mess around and get hit with the righ connect like the best plug//

Your broad will get touched by the Mac... that's 2nd base//

Crazy closer with the Jersey shit

Urban continues with some crazy gun bars in 2nd round
Grab the magnum with the falcons grip to show that I'm so loco//
I pull up with more niggas behind me than O solo

Dam Urban goes in on some fat jokes
Love wrestling bars
I'll be your personal trainer you'll be cut and ripped//

Video Games Bars !!!!!!

Syd didn't do the intro which I didn't like

I'l be honest I only brought 1 round and filler nigga/ Cause I real  G knows it only takes 1 round to kill a nigga

Called him a vacation nigga
Syd doing what Syd do in this line some crazy punches

I liked that Syd stilll rebuttals his stuff using freestyles . It's a lost art in battle rap.
Syd switched it up and did his intro for the 2nd round.
Going in on GP  tourney  Ok Syd going in on the 2nd round it's crazy start Syd going punch after punch
Seemed short of a round

Syd just goes punch to punch
and then dropping some funny backpack jokes
Few Slip ups from Syd
A shot gets your BMI she get her ass capped//

Urban Took the 1st Round

Syd took the 2nd a little edge
Urban edged the 3rd kind of even hard to judge

Urban the Element even better than I remember I might have to edge Urban the Element over Syd

Cyphe vs  Artifakt
Artifiakt start going in on T.O.S. GANG
Some nice punches  going He got interesting vocal projection

I liked the Latino scheme he went in
Sometimes is rhymes are off

I liked how Cyphe rebuttal with the nigga scheme
Cyphe is crazy punch for punch
A little slip up by Cyphe but catches it nice
Artifakt more consistent Cyphe harder punches in the round

Artifakt got some jokes about chicks in this round
Some chokes Whore & Home don’t rhyme
The PG Step  line was crazy
Goes in on Cyphe choking nice
I don’t like 5iveFold diss I repped 5iveFold hahaha
The white t line is mehhh…
I haven’t checked Artifakt hes a good rapper he gotta up his b serious problem
Even round

Cyphe does what Cyphe does
Going in on some punches with wordplay
Good punches I think it seemed short
Even edge to Art

Some basic J lines
Art going in on Cyphe style and calling it played out
Did some real talk on Cyphe
I liked  that shit Artifakt had a really good 3rd

Cyphe does his punches crazy
My animals concealed the machines BeastWars// 
The expendables line was tough
I think Art edged this round aswell

Art need to work on his actual rhyming Sometimes his rhyme is off
Cyphe need to make sure his performance on point no slip ups and he would take this battle easily
However I think Artifakt was much more consistent and took this battle

Friday, 18 March 2016

@urltv @Cortez_hsp vs @chillajones #bornlegacy2 #KOTDTITLESHOT #CORTEZvsPASS #1CONTENDER MATCH

Ok this is a great battle. I think both have been on a bit of a nice run. I think both are just getting into there own grove of what really makes them successful.
Before watching the battle I will show my bias and say I' think Cortez is better. 
Schemes don't do it for me

Round 1 

Nice intro with  what we gotta speak about
Breaks down the whole Hitman situation
I need NOME I need SM what my man Hit man do offer more bread/
What my man Smack do?I know ..I'm a give it Cortez//
I get them views, They aint call you in two years you gonna depend on who?//
The Kingpen 
That depends what kind pens on you/
It's fire in pen vs firing pin//
Those pen bars crazy 
Cortez one of the best rappers in battle rap. Dropping some sick lines now
Cortez  going in 
The K  put holes in your clothes... these fashion tips/

Pistol whip him, No I''m not gonna box ya//
Till the all white show like you watching the Oscars/

I'm a crnivore/
I'm a man that went ape forget what Darwin thought/ 

Holy shit 1st round 
This was even better than Cortez vs Charron 


Chilla good Cort flips through the round crazy

That Taylor Swift line was meh,,,


I think Cortez kind of killed this battle. 
Round 2

Cortez doing some real talk Chilla not genuine 
SOme nice multi flows from Cortez

Cortez seemed to end the round with just random nice writing nothing direct but good lyrics.

That Marylyn Monroe scheme was allot but was impressive

You'll say you work the avenue like a 9-5 is bad to you/
Because you push keys but I hold down shifts to gain my CAPITAL/ Be practical

When you Holla Grams your whole image is see through/
I liked the Incredible scheme still

If you were a bird you'd be vulture/

Transformers has nothing to do with Voltron. You lose points for that line.  
Close round even maybe edge to Cortez but pretty equal. 

Round 3
 Cortez doing his smooth rhyming

Everytime we see Jerome he get suited for cheap


Light round from Cortez 

Survival of the fittest
Evolution vs ever loosin/   

Chilla went in on some of wordplay.
Chilla got bars but Cortez a better rapper 
Close weakest round from both battles 
Maybe edge to Chilla

This was a great battle all it was set to be. I give the battle edging to Cortez.
Both killed it. Cortez more well rounded 

#TheCoonAwards #2016PlantationCelebration #coontrain @tarinasheed #DatKingShh #East905 #GladImCanadian

So my friend text me this flyer that really got me kind of pissed off.
 I felt I had to come here and post about it.

So some comedian has decided to take his Coon Train awards idea to the next level and has been doing actual awards for this.

This is so far beyond ridiculous I can even believe it.

So to break down: 


I wrote it in simple terms and all caps in hopes that people can see the foolishness in that whole logic.  

Now I can probably say something about the opinions of those you are choosing to mock on the show. And some of there opinions deserve to be mocked. But sometimes certain things done so publically does nothing but make black people as a unit look even more foolish. Have white people laughing at us. However I do not see any other race pulling our people out like this. Have an award show that doesn’t raise those doing good, gives no shine to the black race in any way positive. But throws shade on some who have been successful. And want to call others coon? 
You are a leader in the divide and conquer tactic that continues to let white supremacy win. 

What possible good could become of this?
It’s exploitation of black people and black struggle for a comic to build a name and sell some tickets. 

I was going to post the flyer to show what I was talking about but I cannot give that trash any more promotion and ticket sales in good conscience.

If these shows go on, I hope the organizers and presenters and anyone involved save some awards for themselves

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So this Friday we are going to be looking at an interesting career. Daylyt is definitely a character that draws attention, both negative and positive.   Daylyt is a character that love or hate brings people talking about battle rap. He has helped turn battle rap to more WWE than MMA when it comes to combative entertainment.
However if you look at the field of battle rap you can understand why. After the top tiers and the first wave of battles made there name, allot of talented battlers got lost in the shuffle and though talented were not really give there due. I have always said if Daylyt didn’t have the antics he would be another LottaZay, a great pen in the mid tier.
If you watch around his rise was the rise of another MC Uno Lavos. He is another “character” of this battler era. Another that has tipped it to a more WWE type battle era, where character matters allot. But also they are two of the few that were able to stand out and be remembered in a sea of a bunch of battlers of various talent level who’s names I don’t remember.
I do not agree with every decision Daylyt has made and sometimes do question his integrity as a genuine person but I totally understand why he did what did and agree he needed to do the character to stand out from the pack.

Daylyt is a battler that unless it was some great big opportunity or paycheck I wouldn’t battle. I feel there’s too much risk as to what happens and you have to be on your toes for some weird antic. Plus at the same time he’s talented enough to do lyrical damage.  At the same time you could lyrically beat Daylyt and have him do something that makes nobody care that he lost ( Pesci)

Regardless of what you feel about Daylyt he has definitely cemented his legacy. 10-15 down the line there will be some jokes  on the memory of Dayyt
From trying to shit on stage or getting naked on stage to the numerous numerous costumes he has put on.  If Daylyt is on the card there will def be something to talk about


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December 25, 2015
I didn’t think Ored would do this to Day. O red on a tear spreee
December 21, 2015
November 26, 2015
Highly anticipated match up
October 25, 2015
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A Battle where the costume antics fit
September 29, 2015
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One of the best battles from #WD5 Great Daylyt Great Iron
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Runined another possible great battle
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This was one of the best BlackOut Battles
April 1, 2015
February 15, 2015
December 31, 2014
December 30, 2014
December 29, 2014
December 24, 2014
December 15, 2014
This could have been so much better without the costume and act. Same bars but just rap
December 15, 2014
December 13, 2014
December 7, 2014
November 15, 2014
Some wackiness but supposedly because they are both DottMobb is why he messed this classic
October 14, 2014
August 17, 2014
Official kind of killed him
July 28, 2014
July 21, 2014
This dude spend way to much money on costumes hahahah
June 23, 2014
June 13, 2014
May 26, 2014
April 14, 2014
This when he pulled out his shit for the women of QOTR At least there was woman around this time
February 3, 2014
I don’t even know what they hell these guys really trying to get there own viral show with this shit
February 3, 2014
January 1, 2014
December 9, 2013
November 28, 2013
October 9, 2013
Dam ruined a classic with BallGate Plus made a great battler retire
October 5, 2013
Another one were some shit goes down with daylyt
September 19, 2013
September 6, 2013
August 29, 2013
July 14, 2013
July 9, 2013
To the Batmobile
June 21, 2013
This was Daylyt really trying to disrespect here
Kind of disappointed Math allowed that
June 15, 2013
Yeah Dayly was on some crazy shit here
June 7, 2013
May 10, 2013
Arsonal brings the big man from the UK who went in on this battle. Daylyt dress like Michael Jackson hahaha
May 3, 2013
April 16, 2013
March 1, 2013
As much as I hate this shit you gotta show the antics of Daylyt to fully get the picture.
December 24, 2012
July 16, 2012
This battle was so much better than I thought it was going to be from both
April 15, 2012
This was the first and probably only time I really seen Daylyt get checked for his shit he doing. Phully Swain don’t play hahahah
October 27, 2011
You gotta show Daylyt going crazy in the jungle
May 15, 2009
Daylyt vs another West Coast Vet. I think this is when Daylyt felt he was being slept on by cats
February 2, 2009
This was an incredible battle by two West Coast cats. It showed Daylyt as a problem.

But I think Locksmith was too nice