Saturday, 26 March 2016

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We open Smackdown with Charlotte and Ric Flair trash talking and a match with Sasha Banks. Obviously I don’t see this being a clean finish  but I was actually surprised by how it ended. I’m glad Becky showed some heats
It’s been awhile since a divas match has been the most anticipated match of the card but I’m pumped for this.

NewDay are hilarious #NewDayRocks
They are pretty good at there promotions of product
And they go in to big up there match with Leage of Booty (Nations)
The Michael Jordan of … baseball hahahaha
So we got a match with Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston
Why is Kofi the only one who wrestles for NewDay He is like there worker bee.
Kofi still amazing in room performer
Both Sheamus and Kofi are solid workers and of course put an ok match together
League of Nations have been smarter using the numbers game to there advantage.
The NewDay need a surprise new member RTruth???

Uso are workers but they don’t have the charisma or storyline that have you carry on.
Not really anticipating there match with Dudleys
So vs The Ascension. The Demolition LOD rejects
The Uso double superkicks are Rockers esque
Dudleys good at there trash talking

I like Roman Reigns stepping up to defend the Samoan honor.

Shane O Mac vs Undertaker???? I don’t see how he could win this. Don’t kill Undertakers legacy

The IC match is going to be an amazing match filler Be some great spots
So we have Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz and Kevin Owens
Miz the weakest of the performers in the ring. The rest of them are all pretty amazing in ring wrestlers. I can see Zayn winning to push a feud with him and Kevin Owens.  
Should end with all of the contenders in the ring
I don’t like they got the win over Miz when Miz was getting sold out. I think they should have allowed Zayn over Kevin

Roman vs Buh Buh
Buh Buh can make it look enjoyable beatdown by Roman

The GoldenTruth saga is getting tiresome
Make them partners or feud

Ryback is kind of doing his character a bit better

AJ Styles is a little fish in a big pond in WWE. I can see him ending just like Dolph Ziggler but no WWE title.
Aj Styles vs Tyler Breeze cool spot filler match

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman building his hype for a match with Dean Ambrose
I have to admit I’m more intriguing than before
Terry Funk Mick Foley helping out in the hype
The Wyatts coming out is weird WWE really didn’t use them right
But by every scene they make it look impossible for Dean Ambrose

What match you guys looking for  

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