Tuesday, 15 March 2016

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So we got the first drop from the BlackOut 6. The title match from two veterans

Illmaculate vs Rone
This match has been heavily debated since the PPV. I will say that I was going for Rone in this match and predicted the victory for Rone.  I think they both did well but I don't think both did there best in this match. I wanna see if there's any difference between this and the PPV. 

Round 1 
Rone went  in on the first. Showing his versatilty in flow delivery and his humor was there. 
The shot at Thesaurus was funny Some nice  name play 
Some personals to end it.  Only issue is it ended soft

I think Illmaculate should have gone first  but I understand he likes to rebuttal  and probably wants to go last
i can't believe people don't appreciate the frees of Illmaculate
I think  he went to jokes and just didn't really go lyrical which evryone wanted for Illmaculate 
Crowd sleeping on the first of Illmaculate
THe Kylie Chloe line was good 
I think it was a close battle the slip up was enough to give to Rone

Round 2 
Rone had some good jokes in this round. Some nice delivery. Nothing amazing but was good Rone 
Holding onto battling like it's the only thing you have... cause it is

Yo Illmac starts nice in this round 
Illmacualate getting mad slept on 
Yo these kids to young to kid Cheers bars
Illmaculate  did some nice multi rhyme schemes

I think this round is close  but Illmaculate def take this round 

Round 3 
Rone  did his performance  thing went in on jokes 
Of course you hate the govt U too short to even die for your country 
He switched the Ilmaculate scheme of imagine what will happen at the actual event 

Illmaculate really needed to go  less jokes and more outwriting Rone 

Again he flipped that great shit 
I think Illmaculate spent too much time on the video angle Especially allot of people didn't see it. 
It took took long to get into his shit 

On this battle. I think Illmaculate was good but I think he picked the wrong angles. He really shouldn't have done so much joking in this battle
Rone did what Rone does. He didn't have the energy he normaly does


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