Sunday, 20 March 2016

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So we start with the return of Jeff Hardy. With the loss of Kurt Angle they needed this return.
It’s Hardy vs Eric Young (Winner is the 3rd member of the title match with Matt Hardy and EC3)
I think Eric Young is the best and most important wrestler for TNA in the past decade. From Team Canada to being a womans champ He’s great at whatever weird gimmick given.
Good match with Hardy and Young
So Jeff  Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs EC3 for the title. Interesting…

Of course Matt Hardy comes to speak to his brother Jeff.
Good deal attempt for Matt Hes always been better on the mic than Jeff
Jeff hitting the twist of fate

So abyss little team goes at Eddie Edwards and now he got Beer Money backing him up cause Davey Richards is out

Mike and Maria vs Gail and Drew
I’m glad Maria back in the ring
Maria is a bit annoying but shes supposed to be
I’m glad Gail Kim has come back to wrestling Great in the ring
I hate Mix tag matches they are kind of always bad
Maria is horrible in the ring
I like Miracle vs Drew feud

So we have Bobby Lashley out to explain his heel turn.
Without a manager I don’t know if he got the charisma to pull it off.
He’s not getting anyone to boo him for a while  lol
Very generic Finally pulling a “LASHLEY SUCKS” chant
He’d be amazing in WWE as a Heyman Guy
Dam the Pope took one for Josh Matthews.
But Josh Matthews came up through Tough Enough. He has in the ring training. I am waiting for the day he steps up and stops being a punk

Eddie Edwards Beer Money vs Decay
I’ve always been a big fan of a Abyss I understand people look at him as a Mankind ripoff but he’s been rocking too long for that. 
He’s kind of a mix of Mankind/Kane/Undertaker  He’s great with characters as shown through the years as well

Rosemary kind of creepy but silly to have her in a match She know CHyna and not even a Litaor Jackie
Decay wun  snore zzzz

Eli Drake and Grado feud over the briefcase
So a ladder match that I’m not that interested in
Some bully vs nerd full force
Grado is not even good in the ring
I’m surprised Jessie stll got a job hahaha

I wonder what former Tag Team Champions they going to be able to bring in for the tag match
Hernandez & Homicide
Main Event Mafia
British Invasion
Motor City Machine Guns
Hardy Boys

Who else

So we got a cool 3 way dance match. I would love it to be a set up of a hardy Boys reunion but I highly doubt.
Best match of the night
Matt is the best heel hahaha
Wow Drew couldn’t get success in WWE and TNA Champion. That was a whole lot of  an ending. A little to much but ending well

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