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So we started out brilliantly with my new favorite tag team The New Day going in on the “League of Booty” Lol
I was surprised to see Xavier Woods in the match, but was glad to see it.   However I don’t know if he’s injured or what it is, but he’s lost a step in the ring since he was Consequence Creed in TNA.  I was hoping for a bit more of the in the ring flash.   Now is Big E not the best big man in the WWE. If he is used right he could be big. Kofi is Kofi and he’s great in the ring but his non ring skills are still just ok. He has improved though.
It was a pretty good match and The New Day have actually made me interested in the Leage of Nations which I wasn’t before.
They still lost but finally used the numbers advantage to an actual advantage  on the incredible beat down.
So we got a 4 on 3 match for the title on Wrestlemania.  Mehhh.. It’s  an ok match Not excited.
What I have always wanted was for R-Truth to join the New Day be like a comedic version of the Nation of Domination.
We got some Dean Ambrose Brock Lesnar hype
I am so glad it wasn’t just another Dean Ambrose getting beat up segment.
Where would Brock Lesnar be without Paul Heyman. I swear he’s one of the worst main event pro wrestlers EVER
Ryback vs Sin Cara
What’s there to say other than yawn and double yawn for the Ryback Calisto match in Wrestlemanua
Just not feeling Ryback he’s push been blocked to many times for me to get behind it.
Wow Triple H goes in on the mic. His whole hope speech was really good I know I have gone through those days and was able to relate to what he’s saying. HHH always good on the mic
I really hope Reigns beats him though. With Shane as the head of the company
Dolph Ziggler coming out. I was really hoping that Ziggler was going to join the authority. But did his normal crowd stuff. Stephanie loves to slap people.  Dolph will be a much better heel than a face.I really wanted Dolph to win but when it was announced to be HHH I cant  see it happening. 
Zayn vs Miz was an interesting match.
It seems they setting up a IC match where we can have Dolph Miz Zayn and some others that could be in the mix. Too bad for Neville supposedly being injured and out of Wrestlmania 
Team Bad vs Team Bella
I really hate to build the racist card but WWE has great wrestlers in Team Bad and in Alicia Fox and all they do is bury them over and over. Even in winning they don’t look good.
I wonder what is the idea behind the unit of Team Bad and Lana? Not a great fit too me

NXT Womens Championship This will be one of the best actual matches at Wrestlemania. Especially the fact the girls have wrestled each other in so many forms in the last few years.  So Charlotte is going to be bringing up stuff from there past.  I wonder who did porn lol 

The Usos vs Social Outcasts
It was a filler match that seemed filler. It was just to build the Uso vs Dudleys feud. The only thing good about the match was the Superkick barrage by the Usos. Great team the Usos but nothing behind them. I still think you need to put them Team Bad maybe led by Roman as the new Samoan Swat team 
So Mick Foley visits Dean Ambrose which was cool as one of the first times I seen Dean was a video with Mick Foley and gets the baseball bat in barbed wire. I hate seeing Foley though as he looks like he could still pull a match and I'm always wondering when he's going to try. 

HHH vs Dolph Ziggler 
As Monday Night Raw matches it was pretty incredible. They matched the different styles and tempos well. I can see Triple H is still good but he's not what he was few years ago. I knew Triple H would win I just didn't know how. 
I am wondering if this match was punishment for the tweet? It seemed pointless other than to make Dolph be a loser again. They didn't even bother to cheat to get the win over him. 
Then Roman Reigns comes out. There really had to be a punishment for Dolph or why wouldn't they have had Roman come out during the match. Or to make Dolph look strong have him lose by DQ when Roman attacks HHH. The beat down was cool but needed to be more. There was no Superman punch, no powerbomb through a table, and no cane shots.  
It was cool to see Reigns back but it could have been done better. 

I am over these R-Truth Goldust vignettes. Either become Golden Truth or feud. 
Jericho vs Neville 
Was a cool match. Too bad Neville got hurt. Supposedly he's out of Wreslemania and that IC match thats brewing. 
Jericho talking trash like only Jericho can. Out comes Styles and hits the  forearm. I think he should have beat him more or have Jericho run out the ring. They really presenting Styles like an old school face. 

Shane O Mac goes face to face with Undertaker and Vince.  The lead up to the match is more intriguing as I don't see the Undertaker being Vinces lap dog for one of his final Wrestlemanias.
I can only see it ending in a few ways.  He beats the hell out of  Shane choke slams him in the middle of the ring looks at Vince and Stephanie cheering and walks out the ring and leaves. Explains why on Monday Night Raw
Or as some have stated in various forums including this one, Shane and Vince are working together and they both want Shane to win. The only issue I have with this one is Shane and Vince working together, I still bet on Undertaker. Shane and/or Vince dont really have any monsters at there disposal. (Maybe the Wyatts.
If they do it and have two sides McMahon/Hemsley vs The McMahon Men It will be interesting to see who the push as Heel/Face. They could have Steph appeal to women with the idea they are overlooking her because she's a girl and has little girls herself. HHH is the wrestler business man he can turn it around easy. 

Very Good Raw can't wait for Smackdown 
What is Charlotte bringing up from the Divas past 
What is your predicted Wrestlemania card
Who do you hope makes a surprise Wrestlemania return
List who you think will be holding the various WWE belts after Wrestlemania. 

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