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Watch WWE RAW 2/29/16

Intro: So we show the repeat of last week with the crazy beatdown of Roman Reigns. 
We open up Raw with HHH going in on the crowd about authority.  HHH always knows how to get at the crowd. And ties it in beautifully to his problem with Roman.
Out comes Romans Reigns brother, The Lunatic Fringe Dean to defend Roman and increase his own beef. Dean really reminds me of Piper. Deans hilarious!
Sets up a Dean Ambrose vs Alberto Del Rio ( League of Nations)

I want to see how the Undertaker and Shane going to turn out. I’m glad Undertaker is back tonight
Stephanie is here and Vince McMahon both here!

I liked the rejuvenated Divas divison. It’s been awhile it’s been strong enough to care about
#1 Contenders Match Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks
I think it should be Sasha as she’s the new star. She could be huge like Trish Status level.
Great match with Sasha and Becky. The NXT divas always rock some nice matches.  If they brought back a big or muscular chick like Chyna or Awesome Kong the diva division would be perfect.
Interesting ending as they pinned each other.  I wonder why the referee would actually count the pin.
Obviously this is going to lead to a Wrestlemani Triple Threat match. I am happy about that.

Another segment by The Wyatts.  Bray is great in the vignettes but he needs to win some big matches or he’s really just a jobber.
A filler match between Dolph and The Miz.  Dolphs always a good match to start a feud over some IC heat.
Some more reviews of last week with the Vincent J McMahon Legacy Award.
I wonder what the deal with Vince and Shane was originally. Shane vs Undertaker lol
Promoting a Shane McMahon collection, I guess it’s good timing.
So another speech by Stephanie zzzzzz Some family wah wah wah……
Lucha Dragons vs League of Nations (Rusev & Sheamus)
Another filler tag match. I like the Lucha Dragons The League of Nations seem to great wrestlers that WWE doesn’t know what to do with.
Great match ending was meh… basic cheat to win.  Nice beatdown after for some heat.

Renee Young interviewing Nattie Neidhart on fitness tips????? They doing subway comercials?

Nattie is slimming down allot
Ryback vs Adam Rose (Social Outcasts)
Trying to repush Ryback as a lone going for the spotlight I like him being more vicious though.
Dean Ambrose Brock Promo: This feud intrigues me as they make it that Brock can destroy Dean but Dean won’t quit and kind of crazy.
We got the best tag team out right now The New Day vs the newly formed team of Y2AJ. I like that forming and think they can work well together. Jericho can help get Aj over.
Big E is hilarious in New Day which is suprising
I used to know him hahahaha Xavier Woods hinting at some TNA time.

So We got Vince McMahon coming out to discuss the situation with Shane and The Undertaker.
Undertaker is not going to like being used by McMahon. Saying things like “His instrument of destruction” are going to backfire by the time Wrestlemania comes.  It was good to see and hear Undertaker, even for a short time.
That last vignette with Undertaker really kind of zapped the energy after the show. Usos are a good way to charge the crowd back up. Pushing the feud with the Dudley Boys. I like doing the whole single matches of the tag member to support a feud. Old school wrestling done there.
I think the Usos will win this feud
Big Show vs Kevins Owens  feud is good but I like when Big Show is more beast then happy
Look like Brie Bella going to have a feud with Lana. I wonder if it means Lana will be in the ring soon. I hope she doesn’t suck.
Naomi vs Brie Bella. They really trying to bury Naomi Team BAD is the most underrated team in Divas division.
I was surprised they gave the win to Naomi. I wonder what they going to do with Brie giving the losing streak.

So we got Dean vs Del Rio. This match was actually pretty good. Its out of nowhere for a main event but enjoyable to watch

HHH coming out just like he did with Roman Reigns. Dean takes a beatdown amazingly. He’s like Dolph or Mankind.  HHH Thanks….. hahaha

I was hoping for a Roman Reigns returned.  Seeing these two makes me wonder Where’s Seth Rollins?
With Wrestlemania Wheres Randy Orton? WHeres John Cena?
With no Daniel Bryant They’re missing some stars.

So what do you think the Wrestlemania card being built
HHH vs Roman Reigns
Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose
Becky vs Charlotte vs Sasha ( Triple threat Divas Match)
Usos vs Dudlleys Table Match
Dolph and Miz Kevin and Big Show 4 way I C title match

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