Friday, 25 March 2016

@scrambles4money persents @TumiMolekane vs @Al_Bender #Scrambles4Money #TalkisCheap3 #Back2Africa #Motherland #DatKingShh

1st round
Tumi went bar to bar with multi which is pretty incredible. Bender didn’t slip up at all and should some amazing raps no  big punches though
I edge that round to Tumi

2nd round
Tumi bad rebuttal to start the round
But goes back to some nice multi schemes
Compareing Bender skill to his body type was a very unique way to do the typical attack Benders weight that people do I like that
That Syd Vicious body? Yeah you put him in a bag You annihilated Sydney/
That’s why you remind me of Luther Vand Flaming when he’s skinny//

If you betting on Bender it better be David Beckham
We want that slender Bender, that 24/7 killer/
Tournament ender, not this bloated body that’s all filler//

…Then goes in on him
Ben then was a monster to watch.. Ben10

I hate rappers asking the crowd for reaction

Bender does what he does Drop a nice African language joke
Some local reference that got great reaction

My archives deep you wanna get in a bar fight genius/
Get a cut with a fat lip like a Pharcyde remix
I def give that round to Tumi

Round 3
Tumi should  have started with this is not Illmac!!!
Comes with some real talk
Talking about touring in Canada fucking Canadian women
Speaking on certain people using gun bars and speaking on struggle they don’t live
Some real  talk shit for real
I feel bad that it’s hard to quote Benders stuff
It’s not that it’s so fire It’s just to intricate
The whole diamonds scheme was crazy
Bender really talked shit but was much more impressive
Talking down Tumi radio music
Bender took this round easily

Great battle I think Tumi took this battle 2-1 

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