Friday, 18 March 2016

@urltv @Cortez_hsp vs @chillajones #bornlegacy2 #KOTDTITLESHOT #CORTEZvsPASS #1CONTENDER MATCH

Ok this is a great battle. I think both have been on a bit of a nice run. I think both are just getting into there own grove of what really makes them successful.
Before watching the battle I will show my bias and say I' think Cortez is better. 
Schemes don't do it for me

Round 1 

Nice intro with  what we gotta speak about
Breaks down the whole Hitman situation
I need NOME I need SM what my man Hit man do offer more bread/
What my man Smack do?I know ..I'm a give it Cortez//
I get them views, They aint call you in two years you gonna depend on who?//
The Kingpen 
That depends what kind pens on you/
It's fire in pen vs firing pin//
Those pen bars crazy 
Cortez one of the best rappers in battle rap. Dropping some sick lines now
Cortez  going in 
The K  put holes in your clothes... these fashion tips/

Pistol whip him, No I''m not gonna box ya//
Till the all white show like you watching the Oscars/

I'm a crnivore/
I'm a man that went ape forget what Darwin thought/ 

Holy shit 1st round 
This was even better than Cortez vs Charron 


Chilla good Cort flips through the round crazy

That Taylor Swift line was meh,,,


I think Cortez kind of killed this battle. 
Round 2

Cortez doing some real talk Chilla not genuine 
SOme nice multi flows from Cortez

Cortez seemed to end the round with just random nice writing nothing direct but good lyrics.

That Marylyn Monroe scheme was allot but was impressive

You'll say you work the avenue like a 9-5 is bad to you/
Because you push keys but I hold down shifts to gain my CAPITAL/ Be practical

When you Holla Grams your whole image is see through/
I liked the Incredible scheme still

If you were a bird you'd be vulture/

Transformers has nothing to do with Voltron. You lose points for that line.  
Close round even maybe edge to Cortez but pretty equal. 

Round 3
 Cortez doing his smooth rhyming

Everytime we see Jerome he get suited for cheap


Light round from Cortez 

Survival of the fittest
Evolution vs ever loosin/   

Chilla went in on some of wordplay.
Chilla got bars but Cortez a better rapper 
Close weakest round from both battles 
Maybe edge to Chilla

This was a great battle all it was set to be. I give the battle edging to Cortez.
Both killed it. Cortez more well rounded 

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