Friday, 4 March 2016

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With the return of Toronto battle rap legend Bishop Brigante to the active battle world this friday we chose Bishop as our spotlight battler.
Coming up in Toronto’s east end, Bishop hit the ground running immediately thrusting himself into the fire by making a name for himself on the battle circuit. With an undefeated record on the Power Move radio show and countless titles earned from events around Canada, Bishop proved his prowess and became the first Canadian to appear on BET’s Freestyle Friday.

Surely Dynamo vs Bishop Brigante - Eat The Beat 
Powermoves Show - DJ X
88.1 CKLN Fm (Early 90s)

Bishop Brigante vs another Canadian battle legend Scandalis  years before the leagues popped up

J\ump Off 2 on2 battles with SLUG partner Stretch Diesel. If Bishop had a better partner either Ken Masters or Kin Smuv he could have took this

The famous Bishop vs Jin battles.  Bishop repped for the city here. And it shows that he might not be the most knowm wordwide locally we know whats up

His return to organized battling was a body of one the most popular battlers in the world.

And though footage not out he did also have a great battle with Pass at BlackOut6

Who should Bishop battle next?
Is Bishop going for the chain?

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