Saturday, 19 March 2016

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So SmackDown opens with a nice short very entertaining speech from Roman Reigns.
Nice hype trash talk.  Almost a heel promo
“Because I Can”
I’m still hoping against the heel turn but I see it happening

Showing the obvious feud breaking up of Y2AJ
Aj Styles does a meh.. promo
I’m glad Kevin Owens came out to save the promo
You guys have the same haircut hahahaha

Out comes Dolph Ziggler vs Miz again. They’ve fought like 100 times already 
This better be just to set up the IC multiple man match. The definition of filler match
Like always a great match between the two
Great ending

So showing Ryback vs Calisto. A match I’m not anticipating but Calisto is pretty good.

Dean Ambrose doing a in the city promo for his match. I’m liking Dean more and more…

Buh Buh Dudley vs Goldust
Meh match
Hope it’s used to set up Golden Truth
Over 15 titles between Goldust and Buh Buh
I likee Buh Buh trash talking
Wack ending
R Trith comes out so I hope it means Golden Truth team

The WWE Diva Championship has been the best feud and buildup of Wrestlemania
Charlotte Sasha and Becky have created a nice buzz Charlotte hell Sasha tweener and Becky face.
So many different ways it could go
I wonder what kind of trick from there past she going to play you can tell it’s mind games and it is great
I really hope Sasha to take it. She is a star She could be the next Trish Stratus
This has been the best WWE womans division in decades
I’m glad they beat up Charlotte but at the end if you notice it was Sashas music being played

The New Day Rocks
We got Kofi Kingston vs King Barrett
Looks like using League of Nations to help the New Day face turn
A nice funny New Day promo
Booty O’s 
Big E is secretly the best in New Day He is fucking funny
They are hilarious
Kofi still one of the best in ring performers for the WWE
Barrets still boring
I loved the ending great win for Kofi

Some more great Dean Ambrose promos from a location in the bar

Raw Rebound showing what happened with McMahon vs Undertaker

#SocialOutcasts in da house!!!! I don’t like them arguing Now he  beating them all up
Dean Ambrose hometown

Kevin Owens vs Aj Styles
Indie fan dream match on WWE. The best from TNA vs the best from ROH wrestling on WWE is pretty amazing
I see Y2J causing the lost of the match
Great match between the two But what do you expect
Ok ending but predictable

I love how Y2J knows how to play with the crowd

Pretty good but could have had more matches

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