Saturday, 19 March 2016

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Black is not bad he had some nice punches Good delivery  Played off his sounding white really well
Bet on black or you fuck up all  your chances tonight/
You ain't ready, your bars aint heavy and Blacks the absent of light//

Mac and Nina and macarena don't rhyme well

Funny breakdown of Lu rhymes even if  he didn't get all the rhymes right
Black had some ok funny jokes in the 2nd round

I ain't worried what's in your Arsonal, see these Hollows on a higher plain/
To see me bothered, Pina Colada, Lu You getting caught in the rain//

Your known for a chain or corny video game bars... Dave & Bisters/

Lu goes in with some impressive writing  He used some next level wordplay
I won the intro and the outro and i aint losing a round/
I'm up 5-0 on black that's why I'm shooting him down
One little slip up in the 1st

Steady grind my shit be mad deep/
THe onlt reason he ahead of his time, cause he was this weak last week/ 

The superstition bars was crazy

You aint just black black you BLACK black/
Ness Lee with a tan black 

I don't even have time or the energy to quote his 2nd round quotables but fucccck

I round with with some niggas you don't clown wit'/
You can't SHYNE with these GORILLAS BLACK you don't even sound BIG//

Black start 3rd round pretty crazy with some punch after punch

Going crazy Can't support Autism bars with my family involved in it

The can will make him talk different in other words bout to give this kid a soda//

As a Jamaican I gotta big up Usain Bolt bars
hahaha some funny racist bars
Everyone I work with ill as a fuck Staff infection// 

I didn't like Lu talking through Blacks rounds

The crowd is hillarious with there adlibs hitting in the sides.
I think Black actually was so much better than I expected and other than Troy brown did the best I've seen against Lu but still it was a clear W for Lu Cypher

Now I have been a big fan of Syd Vicious for years now. One of the very underrated MC's who could really upset top tiers if oppurtunities given.
Urban the Element impressed me in his run for the GP on KOTD, had a great battle with my homie Aftershock. I think Syd more experienced and more versatile but Urban got great bars still

I like how Urban just jumped in switch Syds intro and dropped into his round
Hes very good at rapping some nice schemes  some nice personals

Mess around and get hit with the righ connect like the best plug//

Your broad will get touched by the Mac... that's 2nd base//

Crazy closer with the Jersey shit

Urban continues with some crazy gun bars in 2nd round
Grab the magnum with the falcons grip to show that I'm so loco//
I pull up with more niggas behind me than O solo

Dam Urban goes in on some fat jokes
Love wrestling bars
I'll be your personal trainer you'll be cut and ripped//

Video Games Bars !!!!!!

Syd didn't do the intro which I didn't like

I'l be honest I only brought 1 round and filler nigga/ Cause I real  G knows it only takes 1 round to kill a nigga

Called him a vacation nigga
Syd doing what Syd do in this line some crazy punches

I liked that Syd stilll rebuttals his stuff using freestyles . It's a lost art in battle rap.
Syd switched it up and did his intro for the 2nd round.
Going in on GP  tourney  Ok Syd going in on the 2nd round it's crazy start Syd going punch after punch
Seemed short of a round

Syd just goes punch to punch
and then dropping some funny backpack jokes
Few Slip ups from Syd
A shot gets your BMI she get her ass capped//

Urban Took the 1st Round

Syd took the 2nd a little edge
Urban edged the 3rd kind of even hard to judge

Urban the Element even better than I remember I might have to edge Urban the Element over Syd

Cyphe vs  Artifakt
Artifiakt start going in on T.O.S. GANG
Some nice punches  going He got interesting vocal projection

I liked the Latino scheme he went in
Sometimes is rhymes are off

I liked how Cyphe rebuttal with the nigga scheme
Cyphe is crazy punch for punch
A little slip up by Cyphe but catches it nice
Artifakt more consistent Cyphe harder punches in the round

Artifakt got some jokes about chicks in this round
Some chokes Whore & Home don’t rhyme
The PG Step  line was crazy
Goes in on Cyphe choking nice
I don’t like 5iveFold diss I repped 5iveFold hahaha
The white t line is mehhh…
I haven’t checked Artifakt hes a good rapper he gotta up his b serious problem
Even round

Cyphe does what Cyphe does
Going in on some punches with wordplay
Good punches I think it seemed short
Even edge to Art

Some basic J lines
Art going in on Cyphe style and calling it played out
Did some real talk on Cyphe
I liked  that shit Artifakt had a really good 3rd

Cyphe does his punches crazy
My animals concealed the machines BeastWars// 
The expendables line was tough
I think Art edged this round aswell

Art need to work on his actual rhyming Sometimes his rhyme is off
Cyphe need to make sure his performance on point no slip ups and he would take this battle easily
However I think Artifakt was much more consistent and took this battle

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