Monday, 30 March 2015

Music Monday Troy Brown

Check out DMV Battle Rapper Troy Brown coming out with music. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the tracks, Some great flow good music selection. And subject matter fits into the vibe of not being boring battle rap punchlines but not going corny commercial tracks 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Battle Rap Friday: Rone

Rone vs Charles Hamilton back when Charles Hamilton actually had a buzz and Rone was some unknown kid that was a fan getting to battle him
Surprise for Charles and the beginning of his fall.

Rones GrindTime debut vs NY freestyle vet Eleagle.

Grindtime classic versus veteran DNA when they were both on the comeup

Rones first interational battle versus someone I'm a big fan of Tricky P traveling to Grindtime

Classic battles of two of the best in GT a battle of white guys Rone vs Caustic

Rones KOTD debut World Domination vs Swedens own Nils M Skils Big fan of Nils

The Death of Okwerdz in this battle with Rone
Rones DF debut
Compliments battle versus Pat Stay ....kinda gay but hilarious

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Throwback Thursday Mr. Mumbles vs Mookie Wilson @mookthegreek @kingofthedot @organikhiphop @kingflykotd @gullytk

Check out my debut battle in the early days of Ground Zero
I had been wanting to battle in KOTD for a bit but didn't like the opponent they were offering
Than online Mookie didn't like a comment a made about a battler and decided to challenge me. I thought it a good time to make a debut.

Throwback Thursday Whashisface vs Saint @JumpOffTV

What got me into the new accapella battle era was the UK jumpoff street battles. And two of my favorites back then was Whashisface and Saint 
Wha his face has changed his name to Rein recently Check out this old battle as a classic match

These type of things are still going on in the UK and why the UK produce the best freestylers

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Grind Time Now: PH vs Madness @MrMadness @ph_teamhomi @MADDILLZ @grindtimenow

Rank #1 and #2 face off in the first ever tournament to decide who is the Grind Time Now Champion! Madness and PH put on a classic that could have gone either way. Let us know who you thought won this rap battle.Hosted by R.C. Sniper and Too Major. Make sure to purchase the PPV for all the action!

Release Schedule:
* View all these battles on PPV right now for only $9.99: *

Fri Jan 23- MADD ILLZ & QP vs RC Sniper and Too Major (Freestyle bonus battle)

Fri Feb 13- Madness vs PH

Fri Feb 20- Getcha vs PH

Fri Feb 27- Spyder Murphy vs Baesik

Fri Mar 06- Mehsi vs Da-Ranged

Fri Mar 10- Ro vs TKO

Fri Mar 13- Voss vs Magnificents

Tue Mar 17- Too Major vs Kaymo

Fri Mar 20- Spider J vs Masun

Tue Mar 24- Qleva vs Zitro The Great

Fri Mar 25- Tre Don vs Mega 6

Tue Mar 26- Circa vs Cap So G

Fri Mar 27- Smurff vs Blesz

Tue Mar 31- C.O.M.B.A.T. vs Joe Blyke

Wed Apr 1- Quest vs Lu Berra (Father vs Son battle)

Fri Apr 3- Max Phryme vs Trini

Tue Apr 7- Suni Talynt vs I4NI

*= Schedule subject to change


We thank our national sponsors:

Waystid Talent:

Conscious Mind Records:

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The End Radio Network:

Rank #1 and #2 face off in the first ever tournament to de

Joe Cutter & Carter Deems vs. Kray-z K & Chewsbakka @cutterjoseph408 @VegetarianArms #CatBarClique @Chewsbakka

BeastMode TROY BROWN vs FRANCHISE @BeastModeBattle @JonnyJibbz @LymeLyteVideo @TheLexxorcist @daniellehodder @reealitymusic @TROYBROWNTV

BeastMODE Presents - TROY BROWN vs FRANCHISE - Hosted By @JonnyJibbz Co - Host @reealitymusic 

This was a promo battle.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Music Monday Shotgun Suge @Shotgunsuge103

Image result for shotgun suge music
I have never really liked Shotgun Suge as a battler but he makes some of the best tracks in URL.
If you into the gangsta rap street stuff you will love Shotgun Suge. I'm not into that allot but he's one of the few that I can listen. I think it's be I believe his words

Check out some of his tracks

Shotgun going in on battlers rappers on this track

Shotgun Suge dropping a track with D Block Member Styles P

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Battle Rap Friday Volume 10 Shuffle T @twitteurgh @JoelWattz @MarloRapper @Shuffle_T @DontFlop

Shuffle T - Battle Rapper Profile
To show that I'm not just posting old school rappers here's a new jack that I elieve has changed the game'Shuffle T is more known as Shufflo with his 2 on 2 partner Marlo, but he's very good on his own. What I like about him is that he's different than most. He breaks down and mocks the rappers and battle rap as a whole like no other.
People compare Shuffle T to Kid Twist when honestly I look at him as Kid twist 2.0 he's on another level. Less simple jokes and really clever views on battle rap

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Throwback Thursdays @grindtimenow Presents: @JonnyStormOS vs @MoshJelton @MADDILLZ

Ok I dont remember what was the first battle I watched in the modern era of "leagues" but I know this was one of the first ones that really got me into.   Two Florida veterans Jonny Storm vs Mosh Jelton.

Both are amazing freestylers which is one of my favorite aspects.
Mosh comes with some funny multis Storm is one of the best rappers in Grindtime and good jokes.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dirtbag Dan Show Ep 52 with FLO, Caustic & Skylar G @DirtbagDanShow @SkylarG408 @JustCaustic

My favorite show and the only show I watch regularly is the Dirtbag Dan show. Battlers talking about battle industry instead of outsiders who don't battle talking about battling

Sunday, 15 March 2015

BeastMode Vol 36 Prediction

Friday, 13 March 2015

Dedrick Jamaal- 4 M.E @DedrickJamaal

“4 M.E.” tells the story of a man trying to pursue his career, take care of his family and staying true to himself. It’s about giving it all you have and finding the right person to support you and share the ups and downs with, especially someone who understands the struggles and can appreciate the success.” -Dedrick Jamaal
Record Label: Blacklight Music Group

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA., hip hop artist Dedrick Jamaal plays the music game a little differently. While some of his music suits for the younger crowds and fit for parties, majority of his material is raw storytelling, giving glimpses of his life, relationships, doubts and fears. With his excellent songwriting skills, clever wordplay and personable aura, it’s difficult not to become a new fan of his.

Dedrick Jamaal jumped onto the scene with his first single, “Broadway,” that landed him on several major blogs and college radio stations. With four projects (OvernightFootprints, In Time and Journey of Kings) under his belt, Dedrick is officially ready to show the world that he is next in line, ready to claim his spot in the hip hop game. 

Dedrick has been featured on All Hip HopHip Hop plus more!


Music Publicist: Lawanda Johnson
For inquiries:

@OswinBmusic - "No Skies No Limits"

t was only last week that Oswin Benjamin told us to Never Settle, which is not only a great piece of advice but also a fitting lead-in for his latest single No Skies No Limits. Backed by the looped vocal sampling of Reality, the NY phenom speaks his mind on a variety of subjects surrounding his aim to be “the one.” It seems there are No Limits to Benjamin’s lyrical aptitude, so be sure to keep an eye out for any of his future releases.


BattleBorn MC's Event #1 The Jump Off! 
Hosted By Diamond Lex
(Main Event) Profecy Vs Ratchet
October 11th, 2014
SageBrush Cantina
Tucson, AZ
Follow us on Twitter @BattleBornMCs

Battle Rap Friday Vol 9 Kid Twist @kidtweezy @OrganikHipHop @KingOfTheDot

Volume 9 we are going to show writer, rapper, battler Kid Twist.  Kid Twist came up during the WRC era, has had a showing in the world famous scribble jam as well KOTD 1st Champion. I have had the honor of being one of Kid Twists 1st opponents in one of the early editions of Proud 2B Eh Battle MC competitions.

He has stepped away and returned to battle rap a bit and returned again for BlackOut. He has more battles upcoming so lets hope it's a return for good 

URL Proving Grounds @rumnitty@Steamsley @aaegutta

Thursday, 12 March 2015

CORMZ THA CANCEROUS vs JAYYOHH @BeastModeBattle @JonnyJibbz @LymeLyteVideo @JayyOhhSDC @TheLexxorcist

BeastMODE - CORMZ THA CANCEROUS vs JAYYOHH - Hosted By @JonnyJibbz

Judged By @dasmokeshow420 @thelexxorcist @jonnyjibbz

Feel free to say who you think won in the comments below.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Battle Friday Volume 8 Cortez @CORTEZ_HSP

Now one of the most underrated rappers I think in battle rap is Cortez. The reason is he's an actual rapper and the art of actually rapping is unappreciated in modern battle rap.  He's had to change his style a bit with "bars" But I still like best when showing delivery and flow aswell as writing.

Cortez has performed in Lionz Den, GrindTime,URL, KOTD and Dont Flop having great performances on all platforms
He is currently one of my top contenders for the KOTD title

He is also one of the better artists in battle rap

Rappers Can Make Music: Mar Won @marvwon

Check out music from Detroit battle rapper Marv Won. I have declared Marv Won the best current battle rapper to make music a while ago. His album Heavy is the Head was on heavy rotation for me.  He has that Detroit soul that we have learned to love.

Still the Same was my tune for real

Check out the video from the album What Up 

Check out the new single from Marv Won dropped last year on some real shit

RAPPERS CAN MAKE MUSIC Ness Lees @NESSLEE @atlienworkshop

Loaded Lux & Murda Mook released a video "True or False" downplaying the south. Ness Lee recently heard the song and stands up for the south. 

video directed by ness lee & the AtlienWorkshop
shot by mrfamousface - for video shoots hit up
AtlienWorkshop presents Ness Lee's new single self produced. its a movement!!!! additional production by Fred Golz

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Battle Rapper Music Feat: @marvwon @illmaculate @jonnystormos @905Arcane

Monday, 2 March 2015

Check out the Blog: Graham The Legend

Whats up people I don't do much promotions of other blogs But gotta show support to the homie Liam Graham. Check out his blog where he will also be promoting battle.

He will be mostly promoting local GTA battle scene, while I do more wordwide stuff. 

I will also posting links from his blog on my blog. Make sure you support 

Revelation: Battle-Rap and Hip-Hop Emcee


Battle-Rap and Hip-Hop Emcee

Location: Barrie, Ontario Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Battle Record: 5 – 1 (W – L)
Meaning Behind The Name: A divine takeover and manifestation of truth and will that entices change.
Contact Platforms: Youtube – revelation705;  Instagram – 705rev705; Facebook – Revelation Hip-hop;  Email –;  Versetracker –

“It’s Revelation: 705crew, StylinFlow, Naughty-North and Lqiuid-Chrome.  Those are the people I rep for.”

Revelation is a relatively fresh-faced addition to the local battle-rap/hip-hop movement.  Born in Toronto, Revelation moved to Barrie before he was a year old, and considers it his home.  Revelation made his on-camera debut at one of StylinFlow’s many fresh Friday events in Belleville.  The battle was done over beat against battle-emcee Genghis Khanscience and can be found on StylinFlow’s YouTube channel.  Not long after his emergence into the battle league game, 5IVE-FOLD BATTLEGROUNDS ENT. Caught wind of Revelation and booked him for their first volume event.  Since his 5IVE-FOLD debut, Revelation has proven to be a formidable addition to the roster, and it doesn’t seem like he intends to back down.

Aside from battling, Revelation studied Music Management at Durham College. Revelation and StylinFlow Entertainment’s JL Prophet are currently working on an album that will be released around April.  There is a single out to promote the album on YouTube titled, “watch the flames,” for fans to take in.  Revelation’s current plans are to touch people’s lives with his music and establish himself as a distinguished battler among the competition in the battle-rap movement.

“I like the competitive nature of Hip-Hop.  It keeps me focused and doesn’t let me slide.”

Monday, 16 February 2015


5IVE-FOLD ENT. – Liam Graham
Profile: Shane Mac

Shane Mac
Rap Battle & Hip-Hop Emcee

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Gender: Male
 Age: 27
Battle Record: 15 – 3 (W – L)
Meaning Behind The Name: “Master at Communication”
Contact Platforms: Twitter - @shanemac519; Facebook –; Versetracker -

“Shane Mac, These Lames Whack, The B*****s smile when they look at me, you already know.”

Shane Mac is an enigmatic entertainment figure coming out of Windsor, southern Ontario.  Born in 1987, Shane grew up exposed to rap/ hip-hop and started challenging other emcees to impromptu house party battles without a film crew. Three years ago he made his on-camera debut thanks to Windsor’s Border City Battle Club (BCBC) and ever since, Shane has been on a warpath.  Now in his adult years, Shane has appeared in multiple leagues and boasts an impressive battle record: determined to establish himself further as a strong force to be reckoned with in the battle-rap movement. 

Shane’s current plan is to continue to build his battle-rap fan-base so he may use his recognition to get a jump-start advantage on his mix-tape concept. As well as planning a mix-tape, Shane Mac is aiming to get himself state side this year and further expand his presence in the battle-rap/hip-hop movement.

Enigmatic and entertaining, these two words sum-up the creative presence Shane is continuing to build for himself.

“If you want bars, I got bars. If you want Schemes, I got Schemes.  It’s what the crowd wants, I am a performer.”

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Shane Mac vs. Revelation

February 15th, 2015

This March 21st, 5IVE-FOLD ENT. Will be hosting its third event, 5IVE-FOLD BATTLEGROUNDS: BABYLON, at The Fox theatre in downtown Barrie Ontario. Despite the fact that this is the third event there will be a first time occurrence for the league aside from the usual battles:  The first title match to crown a league champion. The match is three, two-minute high intensity rounds and will be one of the last battles of the night.  Two battlers will face off and one will be crowned not only the winner, but league champion as well.  The two contenders, Shane Mac and Revelation, have the honour of competing to be the first-ever 5IVE-FOLD champion.

With his hometown being Barrie, Ontario, Revelation does not have to travel far for the upcoming title match.  With an adequate record of five wins and one loss, a loss he says only happened because he was underprepared for the time limit.  Being relatively new to a capella battling (only two of his prior battles are a capella) Revelation is not swayed by Shane’s larger record.  When inquired about his thoughts going into the upcoming title match, he responded with this, “All I am going to say is I’m coming in as the underdog, and I am not leaving the underdog,” he said, “I don’t really have a battle rap history like these other guys do but I’ve been doing hip-hop for 11 years… I went to school for music management.  I know my shit,” he said. 

Coming out of Windsor, Ontario, Shane Mac is a battler/emcee boasting an impressive overall record of 15 wins and 3 losses, and a local record with 5IVE-FOLD of one loss as well as one non-judged promotional battle.  When asked about his record and upcoming title match he had this to say, “I’ve lost three battles, they are all debateable,” he said in a serious tone, “I am the champ of 5IVE-FOLD, you can say it now or after… he thinks people are sleeping on him, well Imma’ wake up at that battle and go in,” he said laughing.

With both battler’s primed and ready to go, it is obvious that the 5IVE-FOLD fan-base has a firecracker of a battle to look forward to among others that will be happening at the BABYLON event.  Other big name battlers in the Ontario hip-hop scene such as Windsor’s Jay Cyphe, Sudbury’s Nefarious, London’s Sirreal and York region’s A major will be there as well as performances by local hip-hop artists such as Urban Havoc and Workshop Regime.  The Fox theatre is located at 50 Dunlop St. West in downtown Barrie so if you love Battle Rap and Hip-Hop be sure to get down there for 3:00 P.m. on Saturday March 21st.   There is a $10.00 cover charge at the door and there will be door prizes and giveaways, come through and keep hip-hop in the north alive by representing the 705IVE!!


Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Kuestions with Kush

“I am Sauga city, period.”

Mississauga is home to many talented music artists, especially when it comes to hip-hop.  Coming out of Mississauga, Ontario, Kush McCloud is an enigmatic and proud contributor to the hip-hop movement in Mississauga and the GTA.  During our interview we covered how he got where he is now, his view on the potential for the movement to grow larger, and his upcoming plans for 2015.

Born in Midland, Ontario, Kush moved to Mississauga before he hit the age of one, so he considers it his home.  “I was born in Midland, it’s a small northern town,” he said, “But I moved to Mississauga before I was one so yeah, technically I was raised there,” he said proudly.   Growing up in the GTA throughout the eighty’s and ninety’s, Kush was able to witness the evolution of rap and found his inspiration from groups such as Heltah Skeltah, Wu-Tang Clan, and Brooklyn Academy.  Kush said he is more of a lyricist as opposed to a beat producer, which is why his inspirations are mainly east-coast.  “Don’t get me wrong, I like the West coast for beats, but I’m a lyricist so I like the east coast,” he said,  “Lyrically, the East Coast is untouchable, Brooklyn pretty much founded Hip-Hop… they pride themselves in lyricism.”  Using this inspiration, Kush set out to establish a name for himself in the local scene.

“At first, I kinda threw myself under the bus.”

In 2005, Kush wrote his first song, and sheltered it.  “I Caught the bug in 2005 and took on the name Omega” he said, “I told myself I was going to do it, and then I never put it out to anyone,” he said.  “In 2008 or 2009, I jumped on twitter and started saying I was an emcee… I got known through twitter,” he said.  After Kush gained followers, they asked him if he had any tracks, and he still had nothing to show for it.  “At that point people were like okay, you should probably start doing that,” he said, “ So I created a make shift studio and I recorded myself and dropped some tracks I had written before.”  His first few songs, “Omega” and “Seconds to go” received positive attention and Kush had attained the proof he needed to progress.  Using his twitter network, Kush started travelling and putting on shows.

“I was taking artists from Toronto and bringing them in to do shows in Oakville.”

After promoting/paying artists at the Oakville venue, Kush made a link in Mississauga following the closing of his previous venue.  “I made a link in Mississauga and established The Sauga Continues,” he said.  The way the event works is similar to his old events: Kush helps promote for the artists playing and pays them for their performance.  “I pride myself in Networking, and now I know everybody,” he said happily.  Seeing all of the local talent in the area is what drives Kush to continue his supportive role in the scene. “Get involved with what’s going on,” he says, “There’s a lot of talent here, on a production level, on every level.  Get involved.”  Kush has gotten to a comfortable level of oversight and direction in the local movement, allowing him to expand onto better independent projects.

“I got some projects coming up.”

Kush is going into 2015 ready with an album titled “When Kush Comes to Shove” as well as a mixtape, “It’s called The adventures of Reefer Sutherland, its going to be a funny and uplifting mix tape,” he said, “It’s going to involve me getting high and going on little adventures themed after Keifer Sutherland projects.”  The mix tape will focus on projects such as Flatline, 24, Lost boys, Etc…  No date has been given but according to Kush both projects will be coming soon in the year.  Kush has a show where he is opening for emcee Ritz at Rockpile West venue this April. 

“Just google Kush McCloud… I’ve got like nine or ten pages.”

Kush McCloud is available on twitter at @KushMcCloud and Facebook by the same name.  Be sure to check up his Reverb Nation page at as well as my sound cloud page at for the podcast of our full interview for additional information not in the written article.  Also be sure to check out the 5ivefold battle league entertainment page for all things rap/battle rap related at

Keep Hip-Hop in the North Alive and Rep the #705IVE

Monday, 5 January 2015

The Return of Scott Free

The Return of Scott-Free
Liam Graham

This coming Saturday there will be a cold front of battlers advancing upon The Port bar in Barrie, Ontario.  20 plus battlers will be in the building and among them, Scott-Free: a former KOTD veteran finally making his return to the ring after a four-year retirement gap to battle Duff.

“Scott-free, Bell-city, BCB, Workshop Regime… That’s me baby.”

Born and raised in Brantford, Ontario, Scot Flinders made his emergence into the rap battle scene around six years ago, during the younger state of KOTD. Originally slated to battle Dexta Dunx, the battle didn’t go through due to Dex having troubles with the law.  Having no one to battle, Scott was able improvise a battle with a local M.C. Zilla and get the win he came out for.  Since that day, Scott went on to forge a warpath through some of KOTD’s toughest competitors, establishing his alias as a force to be reckoned with until he took a break after his last battle with Mac at the Bell City Battle League.

“It’s been four years, my last battle was on my 25th birthday.”

 When asked how he heard about 5ivefold and how he got the battle, he said, “It was Tipsy, he was trying to get me a battle out in Barrie.”  Tipsy, or Tipsy Russell, runs Bell City Battles in Brantford and is a long time friend of Scott. Recently, Tipsy as well as other passionate MC’s such as Malakai Williams and Flintlock decided to network.  Seeing as each of them have experienced hands in organizing battle events, they decided to get together under one roof and lo and behold, the Cold Front event was birthed.   Tipsy got a battle and, understandably, started talking to Scott about driving there.  Agreeing, Scot eventually heard that another battler (Duff) had been talking smack, and the old shooter decided he would dust his guns off for some practice and bring them along for the ride.

“I heard through the 5ivefold grapevine that this guy said he could body me.”

After we talked about how he got involved with 5ivefold Scott proceeded to tell me a bit about his philosophy on battle rap, and his goals for his Hip-Hop Career in 2015.
“ I want to teach these kids how to play ball,” he said.  “You need a way out? KOTD isn’t fuckin with you?  Then earn your stripes out here.”  Scotty had this to say and more about the ever growing and expanding world of Battle Rap.  He then went on to stress to me how too many battlers are trying to jump to the big leagues right away without even building up an original style or getting practice in at smaller leagues, something he thinks is vital to individual success and the success of the smaller leagues so they can grow too.  He also greatly stressed the importance of being original.

“Don’t think you need antics cuz Daylyt is getting famous from it, don’t copy other styles, create your own.”

Aside from his upcoming battle this Saturday, Scott’s group WORKSHOP REGIME will be performing a live set at the event as well as hitting Brantford on the 29th in January and Feb 16th in Brampton.  His goal is to hit thirty shows in forty days on a tour, as well as touring around different apartment projects to play basketball with the youth come spring.  The latter of the two goals was inspired by ODB’s Grammy cameo speech line, “Puffy good but Wu Tang for the children.”  Puffy good but WORKSHOP for the children is the name of Scott’s inspired movement, which will be hitting the streets this spring provided all goes well. 

“I predict my name will pop up in a few new mouths…”

This Saturday (January Tenth) the cold front comes to Barrie.
Thirty Battlers.
Fifteen battles.
Two live performances.
One crazy #COLDFRONT
Shout out to Malakai, Tipsy, Flintlock, Scott, Hynesyte and the rest of the 5ivefold staff for making this a reality and helping hype it up to what it is now as well as a shout out to CaseClosed holding it down out west for our #ALBErTADIVISION.
And Shout out to all the loyal fans of all the hard working battlers that will be tearing each other apart for your enjoyment!

I am currently doing writing work for Wonderground Rap magazine and 5IVE-FOLD ENT. 
If you need any sort of writing work done e.g. profiling, interviews, blogs and articles, please contact me as i am happy to help.