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Here's a post about one of my favorite underrated  battlers who just happens to be a great hip hop artists. Check out the Baltimores own A-Class.
This is some straight backpacker culture hip hop shit. Inspire me to cypher type hiphop.

My favorite track is EastSide 

Nightwriter cover art

Nightwriter is A-Class’s 3rd Brake Fast Records’ release, produced entirely by Tom Delay Beats. Although the pair has worked closely together throughout the years, this is first time Class has spit exclusively on Tom Delay’s production for an entire project.

The composition of the Nightwriter EP primarily documents A-Class’s experiences on the road and in between battles, much of it having been written during, and about his expeditions. The progressive emcee continues to develop his customary free-flowing rhyme construction and unconventional flows around some catchy hooks, which is largely deviant from the unorthodox structure of Class’s previous recorded work.

Tom Delay Beats’ phonic background for the EP is expanse, ranging from bass heavy joints like “Bitch What You Talkin Bout” and “Kenny Lofton” to the funky-sounding sampling found on “Bus To NYC” and true school bangers like “Super Fat Laces”. Tom Delay structures the overall sound of Nightwriter with clean, addictive melodies and heavy drums that allow A-Class to display his rhythmic abilities.


released October 20, 2014

All tracks produced by Tom Delay Beats
Album photography by Derek Litz

Download includes original sketches from A-Class


 directed by @thelastmaroon 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016






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The Flash
I have to say one of my favorite new shows in the world  of comics has to be The Flash.  I think out of all the comic and sci fi shows, it’s the one that has the most comic book feel to it.  It really has a vibe of pulling out of the comic book into real life.  Also I feel it is the one that is the closest to the source material. I never understand why take a known character that has a fan base and then start changing a whole bunch of things about that character like that is not going enrage the audience that follows that character. It’s one of the reasons I like Flash. The changes they make are all sensible and they are not at all character damaging.
What I don’t like is the whole side story of the weekly bad guys.  I like the idea of the bad guys battling every week  but they’ve been such a side story lately that they kill them way to easy. They used to be much more important to the storyline and to Zooms plans but now not so much. They are just there.
So they are really getting confusing with the way they are doing the whole Earth 1 & Earth 2 Zoom, Reverse Flash, and Jay Garrick storyline.  I figured the guy in the mask was the real Jay Garrick, but who or what was the thing that Zoom had killed and what is the relation with Zoom and Jay Garrick.
Maybe they are going to have Zoom end up being a future more powerful version of Jay Garrick himself. 
It would explain why he knows so much more than the rest of the guys . I wonder how much of the comic they are going to follow with who and what those characters were.
And what’s going on with Wally West. What are they going to do with that character. Are we going to see him as a speedster at all in this show or just hint at the fact he’s Wally West. I actually thought when they brought him in they were going to make him The Flash in Legends of Tomorrow
Is Caitlyn Snow  about to get some powers.  I think it’s cool that everyone around her somehow has powers and she doesn’t.  Every team needs the civilian helper.  Also I really hope the explore Sysco’s power as Vibe a bit more now that he knows the possibilities.
Now the only thing I have wondered about the whole Flash scenario. The doctor figured out how to steal The Flash’s speed, so why don’t they figure out how to switch it onto Zoom steal his power and give it to Barry.
So tell me what you think is going to happen Next
Who are you favorite characters
Who would you like for them to bring into Flash

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

COMICS INVADE YOUR TV #Marvel #DCCOmics #GOTHAM #Agentsofshield #agentcarter #TheFlash #Arrow #LEGENDSOFTOMOROW

So it seems that TV has become the perfect place for comic characters to finally come to life.  He have seen a resurgence of action TV shows that is similar to the boom of Sci-fi shows that came in the 90s 
We are going from the 1950’s in Agent Carter as well the childhood of a young Bruce Wayne, all the way to the future unwritten history that is Legends of Tomorrow. 
 Questions for all my proud comic book geeks and super hero fans.  
What is the best comic to TV show out right now ?
We have Agents of Shield, Agent  Carter  Jessica Jones etc… for Marvel  and we have Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow for DC .

What show keeps itself closest to the comic book material? 
Agent of Shield I believe have the best opportunity and the most freedom to go with there characters.
What crossovers would you like to see done on these shows? 
Now I highly doubt they will do a DC Marvel crossover, but they might so keep the suggestions coming in. 
Let me know what you think and what other shows you think should be made
Lets here your responses  in the comments. 

Dat King Shh... #Raw Review #ShaneOMac #wwe #SocialOutcasts #JerichoStyles #GoldenTruth

Raw opens with a replay to what is probably the best PPV main event I’ve seen in awhile. Aswell it sets up the Wrestlemania main event being Roman Reigns vs  HHH.
We got to see some backstage fight of Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose, which I guess sets that fight up for Wrestlemania also.  We will see if Ambrose comes back.

So out comes Vince McMahon to give the Vincent J McMahon Legacy of Excellence. 
And the award goes to…Stephanie McMahon. I’ve been wondering where Shane McMahon has been and was hoping he would come back for a bit.  We got Shane vs Undertaker in Hell in A Cell!!!!!
That seems weird and wonder how they going to up the feud of Undertaker and Shane 

Lucha Dragons & Neville vs New Day
This match was incredible and ended amazingly with all busting some wicked moves. New Day are the best new modern day tag team.

Backstage with Roman Reigns Promo

Next up we got Paul Heyman and the Mayor of Suplex City, Brock Lesnar. 
Paul Heyman doing what Paul Heyman does best, trash talk.
Dean Ambrose return in the ambulance. This is perfect.  He’s the best a mix of Piper and Stone Cold .

The Uso’s Vs The Fake Demolition (The Ascension) Easy win to Usos
Dudleys  are great with there promo. I like this feud with the Usos and I’m really like the re-emergence of the WWE tag team division that’s been going on.

With Aj Styles
#SocialOutcasts they are hilarious!!!
#JerichoStyles old and new of some the best indie wrestling talent ever.

HHH/Stephanie Promo about the ending of the show and Stephanie let Roman know his match with Sheamus and League of Nations.

#GoldenTruth They gotta be a tag team of weirdos hahaha

The Wyatt family was a good idea and a great stable but the WWE has kind of killed there buzz as they never actually win the big matches. They always end up losing.
Good match and interesting ending with Ryback just leaving but was kind of anti-climatic.

The future of the WWE Divas division the Boss Sasha Banks, vs Naomi.
I haven’t liked the way they have kind of buried Naomi I think she deserves better
Win for Banks with the Bank Statement
I’m predicting an old NXT triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.

So got Roman Reigns again vs Sheamus for a great match to end Raw.
With the League of Nations and Romans messed up arm
HHH has gotten allot smaller in the last few years.
Dam that was a hell of a beat down at the end.  It makes HHH look like he has a chance to win this.

I want to see Romans revenge

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Monday, 22 February 2016

#MusicMonday #CadalakRon #RIP "Revelations 3:19" #DatKingShh

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Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Arranged by: Calvin Valentine 
@ Peanut Butter Studios - North Hollywood, CA

Contact Birthday Boys 

Cover Polaroid Photo By : Adam Stanzak 
Cover Design/Layout by : Calvin Valentine & Lawz Spoken

Friday, 19 February 2016

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So this weekend we got the big battle of BlackOut. 
Its the challenger Rone  vs Champion Illmaculate

So in celebration lets look back at some of the battlers that they have faced in common and see how they stack up to similar competion.
So we have both battlers facing up against DNA, Real Deal and former KOTD champions Thesaurus and Rone. 

Who Do You think Does the Best?ht

Thursday, 18 February 2016

#TBT @Shuffle_T VS @MarloRapper | @DontFlop Rap Battle #BadBars

Very creative and was really hilarious.
I gotta say Shuffle-T is great at this whole sarcasm on battle rap shtick

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

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Kings Court Entertainment presents the new show on Pro Wrestling

Image result for wwe raw
Tuesday we will be releasing our show "Raw is Still War"
This show is an after Raw show. We will be discussing all the happenings on Raw and what it means. We will go over what will be happening on future episodes as well speak on classic Raw episodes, and moments. 

Image result for wwe smackdown
Friday we wil be releasing our show "Lay The Smackdown" 
We will be obviously discussing the happenings of Smackdown and Superstars. 

On Sunday we will have our show "World of Wrestling"

We are going to discuss what is going around in the world that is not the WWE. 
We will be going over the ROH and Impact episodes. As well as going over some wrestling rumors.  The Show will also include custom prizes for our trivia for our real wrestling fans.  

The first trivia question is on behalf of Black History Month
Name every member of the Nation of Domination?

To answer Please email me at 
Aswell follow the blog. 
The winner will be drawn and announced on the premier episode and get a custom T Shirt. 

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King of the Dot - Blackout 6ix | Battle Rap Event

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #2 – Pass
Pass vs.  

Knamelis vs. ???

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #5 – Caustic

Caustic vs. ???

Bishop Brigante vs. ???

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #7 – Serius Jones

Serius Jones vs. ???

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #8 – Head ICE

Head Ice vs. ???

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #10 – Jay Rell
Jay Rell vs. ???

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #11 – Big T

Big T vs. ???

King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #12 – Gjonaj

Gjonaj vs. ???
King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #14 – Skelly
Skelly vs. ???
Arsonal vs. ???
T-Rex vs. ???
Charron vs. ???
The Saurus vs. ???
Lexx Luthor vs. ???
Psycoses vs. ???
Cortez vs. ???

Image result for blackout6ix chedda

Chedda Cheese vs. ???
shotti p
Shotti P vs. ???
Quill vs. ???

Born vs. ???

J-Pro vs. ???
King Of The Dot Presents BlackOut6ix Announcement #27 – Daylyt
Daylyt vs. ???
Realiztic vs. ???

So this weekend we got the 6 edition of the famous Blackout hitting Toronto.  We got some of the best MC's from the world hitting the city.  The spectacle of this event is that we are hit with the names of the battlers but not with the specific matchups.