Sunday, 14 February 2016

Vault for @CORTEZ_HSP @unolavoz215 @SMACKWHITE @Beasleynyc

This is hilarious video. Cortez asking to vault his own video.
As a fan of Cortez and on the team of him being slept on I disagree

1. Cortez needs some bodies. He needs to be seen killing someone.
2. Uno Lavos has killed a few GT vets who have been sleeping on him. People can front but when Lavos is in his zone he can beat allot of people.
3. Uno Lavos does get views. He has a fan base So that fan base seeing Cortez kill him is good.
4. He's been putting on some wins in URL. If he had won this battle it would have earned him something nice on URL. It's a great win.
5. Many people thought Cortez would lose especially with the short prep. Everyone thought Uno was sitting on pages of Cortez bars and was going to come fully prepared. Plus Cortez can slip up allot when it's short prep.
I was so worried about hearing Uno winning because Cortez forgot a round or something

I have to admit I have grown into a Uno Lavos fan for the most part. I have done been a Cortez fan. I am glad he won and want to see this.  So my tag has to be #novaultforcortez

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