Wednesday, 17 February 2016

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Kings Court Entertainment presents the new show on Pro Wrestling

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Tuesday we will be releasing our show "Raw is Still War"
This show is an after Raw show. We will be discussing all the happenings on Raw and what it means. We will go over what will be happening on future episodes as well speak on classic Raw episodes, and moments. 

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Friday we wil be releasing our show "Lay The Smackdown" 
We will be obviously discussing the happenings of Smackdown and Superstars. 

On Sunday we will have our show "World of Wrestling"

We are going to discuss what is going around in the world that is not the WWE. 
We will be going over the ROH and Impact episodes. As well as going over some wrestling rumors.  The Show will also include custom prizes for our trivia for our real wrestling fans.  

The first trivia question is on behalf of Black History Month
Name every member of the Nation of Domination?

To answer Please email me at 
Aswell follow the blog. 
The winner will be drawn and announced on the premier episode and get a custom T Shirt. 

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