Thursday, 30 April 2015

Throwback Thursday@urltv PRESENTS MURDA MOOK VS Loaded Lux. @iamloadedlux @murdamookez

Smack/URL presents Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux. This classic battle was highly anticipated and delivered on every level. These two lyrical combatants demonstrate the essence of HipHop COMPETITION and show why there is nothing in the world like a Smack/URL MC Battle.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Monday, 27 April 2015

Rap Battle - 5IVEFOLD - Mr.Mumbles vs McEwan

Music Monday Arsonal Da Rebel #darebelnevalost @ARSONALDAREBEL

Arsonal - Battle Rapper Profile

Check out the music of the most viewed battle rapper in the world Arsonal Da Rebel

I like him better as a artist than a battler Very good tunes

Music Monday J O B - Sahtyre @sahtyre

Check out Fresh Coast veteran Sahtyre with an older video  that all rappers can relate to
Known with his teammate Dumbfoundead his music is unappreciated

Check out his new music LSD

Thursday, 23 April 2015

#TBT URL PRESENTS MATH HOFFA VS T-REX @mathhoffa @ihatetrex @urltv @smackwhite @streetstarnorbe


Check out the battle that got URL started. GT tried to get  the battle but politics caused it to fail.
Smack rocking since the DVD days decided to use the battle to launch there URL
It's where it was supposed to be anyway 

TBT @KOTD - Rap Battle - Jack Shitt vs Nat Select @JackShittPCR @kotdtv

KOTD - Rap Battle - Jack Shitt vs Nat Select

RIP to Nat Select CHeck out this old school battle

Monday, 20 April 2015

Music Mondays Soul Khan @soulkhan

So if we are going to bring battlers who make music we gotta bring up Soul Khan
A man who left battling a little to early but you gotta follow the dream

He's allot more intellectual than you would think from his simplicity in his battles

Some older Soul Khan  and stuff with Brown Bag allStars

Saturday, 18 April 2015

5iveFold Ent presents Babylon @pappymason12 @705iveFold

Rap Battle - 5IVEFOLD - Mr.Mumbles vs McEwan

Rap Battle - 5IVEFOLD - Pappy Mason vs Phax

Battle Rap Friday Soul Khan @soulkhan

Soul Khan - Battle Rapper Profile
CHeck out battles from retired battle rapper Soul Khan. Secretly I am still believing that he will get bored and the MC heart inside him a good check and a dream opponent will bring him back to the ring shortly

Monday, 13 April 2015

Music Mondays Daylyt @daylyt2k

Music Monday bringing in Daylyt.  He has such an understanding of his talents and he seems to be great understanding of marketing.  He might take things to far sometimes and even brings his antics into his music, but still has some great tunes.  If I had allot of money I would consider him signing him over any other battler.  I could see him putting together a weird enough album to really sell.

He had people talking and using his move with his new song PG Step

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Throwback Thursday Grind Time Presents: @HIGHCOLLIDE305 vs @jonnystormos @grindtimenow @MADDILLZ

CHeck out this challenge of two of the best of the Grind Time in Florida Jonny Storm vs High Collide 
I believe this attle decided #1 contender to put High collide as GT Champ 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

True Hold records bring you CCF Volume 2 So Seductive by Conscious Route @TrueHoldRecords @consciousroute

The 'CCF Volume 2 So Seductive' release is mini Lp also a sequel to the CCF Mixtape volume 1. Conscious Collaboration Front is a network of like minded individuals bringing together different backgrounds and styles of art on to one platform. The album features a diverse range artist mainly from Scotland but also England. The music was created by Fuzz who is working with Conscious Route on an alternative band project set to launch this summer 2015 called the 'The Urban Folk Crowd'. The music it's self is a mix constructed samples and live instrumentation blended into soulful composition. The lyrics remain conscious and reflective through out with deep expressive content.

Produced by Fuzz
Lyrics Written by Conscious Route, Tickle (Black Lantern Music), Chad the Lad, Werd (Sons of Scotland) , Ciaran Mac, Mistah Biggz (B-illa), Braxton, Freestyle Master (Powercut Productions Records)
Picture Art by Sandra Franco
Text Art by Becky Surridge
Mastering F.A.F
Recorded @ Stage Door Recording Studio'
Released by True Hold Records all rights reserved 2015

This release is available Itunes, Amazon and other download outlets

Relevant Links

5ivefold BABYLON @705IVEFOLD @almosthigh419 @pro2thavincial @ORRiginal_


Monday, 6 April 2015

Absyrd- "Scene of Nutkases" @absyrd

I have a theory that mid tier and low tier battlers make better music than top tier rappers

I think because they  can rap but not the greatest on just coming with punches.  
Been a fan of Absyrd music for a bit
He's been an organizer and battle on the freshcoast for almost the last decade.

Check out one of the first tracks that caught my attention from him

First Video! From "Absyrd" #OBeast2 ft. Joell Oritz(Slaughterhouse), Copywrite, Doap Nixon(ATOP), MurderGang, and SO MUCH MORE 

Directed by: Christian818

Rap Battle - 5IVEFOLD - Shane Mac vs Revelation (TITLE MATCH) @705ivefold

Rap Battle - 5IVEFOLD - Shane Mac vs Revelation (TITLE MATCH)


Musically I have been  a fan of these guys since they were a foursome as King Offspring. But actually they have taken the two top artists in that foursome to form the duo Free Daps.
They got a good grasp of there image and how to present that in music.

They are battle rappers who don't need to make "battle songs"
Check out there new video

Homemade visuals for a deeply personal song by FREE DAPS.

Download the entire 18 track album for free at
Twitter: @FREEDAPS

Written & Performed by: FREE DAPS (Heir Jordan & Isaac Knox)
Produced by: Fab Da Eclectic

Check out the track here I have been a big Mars Ill fan so having Manchild on the track is cool

Music Mondays: Scandalis

Now that Scandalis is battling again lets show real MC shit and show he can spit some tracks
Here's some solo tracks some Empire tracks and some SLUG tracks

Friday, 3 April 2015

Battle Rap Fridays Nils M Skils @dontflop @nilsmskils @KingOfTheDot

Nils m/ Skils - Battle Rapper Profile

So I don't really do allot of international battlers but they are a few I like.
I find the respect the art of freestyling in battles much more, which I love.
As well they are less into the fake gangsta persona and can be much more versatile and creative in there attacks. One of my favorites is Swedens Nils M Skils
From what I know he is a professional freestyler which I think is cool living of touring and promotions.

Plus I like that he's actually bilingual in his battle rap skills and pretty dominant in both languages

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Throwback Thursday GrindTime Presents: Loe Pesci vs Tantrum @KingOfTheDot @LoePesci @tantrumonthemic @grindtimenow

One of the best from Battle of the Bay competition is a classic battle with West Coast beast Tantrum vs  Hindu Kush member Loe Pesci 

Throwback Thursday Bender vs Aftershock @KingOfTheDot @Al_Bender @Shockz @OrganikHipHop @LoePesci

Check out this great battle that is very under appreciated between two of my favorite MC's
Bender Vs Aftershock 

This battle don't even got 50,000 views. I don't get what battles you all watch and miss this joint.

This is an example of what battle rap should be .