Friday, 18 January 2019

Madflex (@madflexhiphop) vs Sam Kolt (@SammiBwoy) @BOTZbattles @RUINYOURDAYNOW @AvocadoIsGod

This is a battlers on different levels. Sam Kolt was killed by Madflex.  His rhyme schemes punches were too much
Red screen on a xbox I'm just showing off 
Sam didn't even want to start his second round you hear it in his voice and body language
But had a good round 
Kolt had 1 or 2 slips in the first 

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Boogie Blu vs Ms Ill a lower tier battle from new females in the game

Round 1
Boogie Blus start I didn't like more talking than any battling It got better as it went on. Some ok bars but need to work on delivery
Ms Ill I liked delivery better bars were hit and miss 

Round 2 
Better round from Boogie some good punches Better delivery with more flow
Ms Ill had a good round needed to do the Murder she wrote with confidence 

Round 3 
Best round from Boogie Great energy smooth delivery some good punches 
Ms Ill I liked that she kept on changing on her delivery schemes throughout the verse. The punches were ok Nothing mindblowing
Edge to Boogie 

The overall battle really even but I edge to Ms Ill 

New battle @VerbalWarZone18 - Ty Law (@TyListenAnWatch) vs. Bandana Boogie (@boogietsg):

Great battle coming from the new hot league VZW
Never heard of Bandana Boogie. Ty Law basically a vet in the business. I remember him from GT, 
Round 1Bandana started slow but was quiet killing it  Ty Law started fire but had to have a couple restarts in the middle of the verse Either way on the decision
Round 2 
Bandana Boogie had a great start but he made his end bad. He should have just ended the round instead of continuing to try because that's all you remember on the round Ty Had a couple slip ups but good great closer edge to him 

Round 3 This beat was perfect for Boogie His flow is great on it. Some nice punches. His best verse of the 3 easily 
Good verse from Ty Law But not as smooth of a flow on the beat. Some nice punches on the track. 

This was a back and forth battle. Hard to judge. I think Ty Law had better punches but I think Bandana Boogie sounded better on the beats. Both had restarts needed in every round. I was hoping one would have a perfect clean round to put one over the other. This is a battle where I literally could pick any of them and different times I might have a different decision

But I will edge it to Bandan Boogie 

Smoked Out Battles ON [Superior] @SOBattles - Franchise @Franchise_AMNE vs Johnny Knoxx

Never check Johnny Knoxx before he's not bad. I'm going to have check out more. 
I've been following Franchise for years now so I know what he can do

Franchise has some good energy. He really in his pocket now. 
Johnny was more direct Franchise better wordplay to his punches but more generic 
I think Franchise took round 1
Round 2 even cold from both 
But the Award line was the best shit 
Edge to Franchise 

@body_bag_bl FIIRST LADII FLAMEZ @sheiizflamezz VS NIESEY BROWN #BBBL

Flamez is ok. Good energy on her raps. SHe not the most lyrical but she does that street talk to em style. Breaking down theyre not real and with the shits type bars. Some clever gun bars droped in there She really started slow from about 5 mins in really picked up She got better and better throughout the round
That round was fucking fire. I've never seen Flamez before but I gotta check her out now

"..but go'head and let my size make you misjudge shit, and you'll see more pounds around you than you're used to puttin' up with!"
This pound will never give your dogs back

Great battle voice and delivery in the round. Boogie got to many people behind her kinds of gas were throw her off 
She trying to chat the girls man in the battle. Hahahhaha that's funny 
Punches was hit and miss. Nothing mindblowing for me. 
A little slip up

"Keep throwing up blood and I can really make you spit that"
This pound will never give your dogs bac
I give the battle to Flamez 

CRB @Caprapbattles - Rap Battle - Teddy KGB vs Gravity #GoodFriendsBetterEnemies

Good Friends.... Better enemies is the tag line for this battle. Gravity and Teddy KGB are too battlers who have been around for a bit and quite seasoned on this battle tip. Interesting to see what happens and how personal or not. 
Round 1
Gravity started slow for me but picked up with some nice punches from the middle of it. No haymakers but some nice bars. Some funny shit in there about friendship stuff. 
Ended with some real funny shit 
Teddy kind of went in on breaking down Gravity. Delivery was kind of boring But his bars were killer ended heavy 
Really has a thing for Teddys mom 
Edge to Teddy 

Round 2
Gravity had some good rhyming scheme ok jabs but no big punches 
Ended better than it began Really has a thing for Teddys mom again LOL 
Teddy going in on Teddy's memory with more personal breakdowns 
Another win for Teddy 

Round 3 
Gravity was good went with the comedy. I think he made a mistake of not going personal or talking any real shit  He was funny but not allot of impact 
Teddy goes funny dissing Gravity about his wife. Some jokes 
This was an even battle but maybe still edge to Teddy

I think Teddy took all 3 rounds on a good back and forth battle. I think his angles were much better to take 

Sunday, 13 January 2019

CRB @CapRapBattles - Rap Battle - @chillajones vs Made Wade

Ok battle between Chilla Jones vs Made Wade.
This was the best I seen Made Wade do and made the battle competitive. 
Made tried some scheming that was cool and basic but had some cool name flips 

Made got better each round 
But did dude do a Kunta bar 
I like that Chilla didn't really sleep on it. Except he did some gun so big bars 

Chilla had great 1st even 2nd 
Not the best Chilla but good enough to take the win

CRB @caprapbattles - Rap Battle - Johnny Math vs Bill Beamin

Bill Beamin had some ok delivery but his bars were really basic
He had some played lines like the CD case line
With a name like Johnny Math Bill should have better line
Johnny was a bit more funny going at Bills character
A good John wick bar  But did some rhyming for nothing at points
Bill had a better 2nd round. Couple cool punches on a rhyme scheme OK solid round but nothing mind blowing 
Math did some more jokes but over rhymes at parts 
Started slow but got better throughout the round and ended strong 
Bill again had a pretty solid round ok punches with a specific rhyme scheme 
Finally a good Math name flips in this round 
His best round in the battle was this 3rd 
Math goes in on his career and had some of his punches with multisylables  

This was a hard match to judge as neither one was really better than the other by much  
Round 1 to Johnny Math
Round 2 Pretty even could go either way
Round 3 I think this was a great round edge to Johnny Math 

I think Johnny Math edged this very close battle. Well deserved decision 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

IMBL - Danny Myers vs. QP QP (@Quantamphysics1) vs Danny Myers (@metaphormessiah) From @IRONMOUTH901 (Edited By @AvocadoIsGod

QP Vs Danny Myers is a interesting battle. Both are known as writers and punchers but they are way different styles. QP is one of the best wordplay rappers in battle rap. Danny is a big punchline haymaker type rapper. But he does allot of reaches but he's in his style and its original. I like QP more than Danny in the past

QP starts playing off Dannys #BarGod slogan. He wrote for Danny and came in with a prepared fire QP verse

QPs round was too long 
Danny starts with a fire rebuttal 
QP got the funniest reactions to people spitting to him 
He had some fire punches 
"Quentin pen got him hooked up with a drake"
Great round pretty even 

QP started second round with a rebuttal 
KOTD shot 
Crazy Full House scheme LOL

Some cool rebuttals back from Danny 
I didn't like the don't put substance in my rhymes that Danny did. He dissing himself 

few reaches 
"QP going to be and then what happens. Bitch you aint going to live to find out!"

Bad rebuttal by QP 
But he goes in on the 3rd round 
Danny had a fire round
QP has better wordplay but Danny goes at his opponents relentlessly 
I don't know who I give it too. Both were in on what they do


Wasn't super impressed with this battle but Nu Jerzy Twork  took this battle. QP kind of bored me in this battle and Tworks energy over powered. Both ok writing.