Sunday, 29 July 2018

White rapper again goes racist in battle

If you watch Houdini Diamond she is new but has a bit of controversy over her close to racist bars she seems to spit in her rhymes

WHat do you think

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

@AlphaLeague PRESTS: (2vs1) @MzBlackPearl & Mr Mumbles vs @Gambitt_Go_Bang @iAmDollasign

@AlphaLeague brings you the first 2vs1 rap battle! Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ vs πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA. Who you got winning?

@Primal_Winds ‏ “Cut You Down " @IronWindMusic @MadChild57 @DerekChristoff ‏@roycebirth @IAMFORTUNATO @Chief4syt ‏@AlyssaSproul @_DangerousGoods

 Primal Winds “Cut You Down

So the latest project we are checking out. Primal WInds “Cut You Down”.

First thing that you get right away from the project is that you can definitely hear the Wu-Tang influence in there production style. The way the mix the rap and rock in this project. I predict that this would be the production sound if Rick Rubin was hired to do a Wutang project. Its even have a clear western style sound to the theme of the album. For the good and bad you hear a distinct 90’s era hip hop sound throughout this project. Even in the artist the choose to collaborate were very much of a distinct style.

Features included Mad Child Chief 4syt, royceBirth, and Fortunato as MC’s. They also have Alexa Ourania singing on the hooks on a few tracks. My advice would be for them to get her on more tracks to get them onto the next level. She’s ther Fergie to there Black Eye Peas, and she uplifts the tracks she is on. The features also help because the two of them alone sometimes flow is a bit basic. They do split it up very well to get assistant without being overpowered. The strength of the project is in the next level production of amazing beats The album starts strong with the single track Cut You Down with Alexa. It continues throughout pretty steady. My favorite song on the project is Mexican Standoff with Fortunato. I am loving the beat and I think they all came well on the project A few tracks in the middle weren’t really great “ Buckle Bunnies’ I also think the Mad Child assisted Gunslingers was a bit of misstep as well. The album ends strong with some of there stronger features coming into play royceBirth on the Good Bad and The Ugly Fortunato on Mexican Standoff and Smoking Aces with WarZone If you grew up on that 90’s hip hop then you will certainly want this album in your collection.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Luke Nukem Vs Ness Lee

Big fan of these two for awhile This going to be a writing bonanza. If any weakness here they both will have some issues delivery to some.
Round 1
Luke Nukem
Start the round with self deprecating jokes that went well. Than he goes in with some crazy bar
The whole sonning the kid scheme was fucking fire.
A little slip up on the closer but the round was pretty hard

Ness Lee
Ness didn’t have the same haymakers but he put on a rhyming clinic on this round
Very close round
Edge to Luke

2nd round
He had some nice punches and girl jokes Not as good as the first but solid round  Good Delivery
In your bars chasing bender will call it relapsing

Ness Lee
Ness Lee again shows a multi flow session second like no other. Some crazy lines throughout
Easy Round for Ness Lee
Round 3
Luke Going in on Ness with a career breakdown
What you spat at BlackOut was Amatuer/ What you wrote for Passwirdz was too weak try adding some character/

Its Like being date raped at prom The last thing your remembers the punch///

Really clever line

Best round from Luke great way to end the battle

Finally Ness comes in with some fire rebuttals
Goes into buying bars accusing then straight into some bars

Trying to find skeletons in my closet not realizing hes one of them //
I don’t pity ya The Ness flow killing ya
Till I’m poking a dead body like Necrophelia /
You get your neck rolled if you talk about those tech blow oh realy ya in Orillia//

Great shit from Ness
This was a fire round from both of them

This battle could go 2-1 either way  think Luke wrote harder Ness rapped allot better

I have to edge the battle to Ness Lee

Friday, 15 September 2017


Image result for xqz lu cypher


Image result for PC VS 40 B.A.R.R.S
Check out the BattleScene Review of PC vs 40 Barrs battle 

30 day Life Change

So I've been through the first week of the lifestyle transformation starting with my 30 day challenge. I haven't had a drink of coke since Sunday night. I am on day 5 of my 30 day pushup, abs and squat challenge. The coke has been difficult. Of course no real changes from the work out yet.
On self analyzing I have realized I care WAY to much about what people think of me. Even peoples whos opinion shouldn't matter. That will be one major change I am looking to work on. Push to be more of my own person.  It might cause me to lose a friend or two, however if it does, you were not really a friend in the first place.

Thanks for all the encouragement. Its greatly appreciated and yes is needed. Any support or advice you can give is welcomed.

Pictures will come in the upcoming weeks

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Mumbles 2.0 Day 2 30 Day Challenge

So yesterday was my first day without a coke to drink. I've gone a day without a coke before, but knowing I couldn't have a coke made it very difficult. Allot of water was drunk all throughout the day, but made it through lol.

When I got home I did about a 20 minute jog ( Not sure of the distance).

I have also completed Day 1 of the PushUp Squat Abs Challenge.  We will see what kind of shape I am in after these first 30 days.

I will be posting up my measurements later so I can see the actual gain I make.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Mumbles 2.0: THe Beginning of the Journey

So I did a post on Facebook about me making some lifestyle changes. These changes will be in health, wealth, renewing my faith in God, and the people I choose to associate with and how I choose to associate with them. It is time for a different energy in my life. It's time to take back power over my life

Today I am embarking on my journey with some health changes. Yesterday was the last coke I am drinking for the next 30 days. For those who have known me, they know this is a very big deal. I've had some type of pop almost everyday since I was a kid. It is my major addiction.  But I can't even let that have power over me. I have given up other vices that we might discuss later. Some people didn't even know I have But I do, so I will change it.

I will also be starting my work out plan today with some jogging after work. I am not sure what programs I am going to do to work out. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I will be posting up pics and other information as my journey goes forward. I will falter here and there on my journey, but at the end of the day my goal is just to produce a better Philip for me and my kids.

Day 1. Lets Go

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ave. Amen

Briefcase is a project that consists of 9 new 81N4 Mixes that showcase the multiple flows and styles of Ave. Amen. Briefcase was also made as a  segue into Ave.'s upcoming summer iTunes release witch will feature production from Johnny Juliano and Ave. himself. 

Ave Amen Social Media Links: