Friday, 5 July 2019

Shotti P @KingQuotable vs Brixx Belvy @BrixxBelvy @KingOfTheDot | #GU4 #GloveUp4 @OrganikHipHop @KingFlyKOTD @GullyTK @Aspektz @DjDoctaKOTD @SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon @LushOne @AvocadoIsGod @ddubbkotd @lasparka604 @ScottJacksonBB @RyanPVPKOTD @ReverenceNS @Lemme_kno @PhillyDFilms @seansirianni @M_3rcy @JoeCashKOTD @HipHopVancouver @LifeOverCrime

This is a great battle for Glove Up 4 
Brixx is a great GZ battle Shotti is like a GZ champ 

Both these guys punch allot so its easy to judge 

Round 1
Brixx went first. He had some ok lines nothing amazing and had a few slip ups

Shotti was going in punch after punch. He did have a cereal Queenzflip line that Ave had so loses points for that 
Shotti was definitely better 

Round 2
Brixx went in on this round. Stepped his punches up 
Shotti was strong in this round Allot of nameflips 
This round pretty even 

Round 3
Brixx best round Punch after punch was pretty strong 
Parappa the rappa bar was nice 
I think delivery and energy from Brixx can def improve him. He really all pen 
His closing of the rounds was horrible 

Shotti used a conceited bar "Fire Escape" 
A few bars this battle weve heard before 

But had a lot of fire 
A slip up on that round bad makes him lose the round 

This round easily to Brixx 

Shotti easily takes the battle 2-1 But both were pretty good 

Saturday, 8 June 2019

@VerbalWarZone18 ‏ @215ENess VS FIRE DA MISFIT/ #UncivilWar @VerbalWarZone18 @chosennusound @cashbilz @casino_pa @canovacapone @officialbuttahUNCIVIL WAR CARD

This is a great battle two of my favorite on Verbal Warzone. 
Both had 3 great rounds 

I think Ness showed his delivery and flow is one of the best. 
Fire was good  with delivery and was better with the pen. He made sure to come with some personal bars and punches at Ness
This was a preference battle but i edged to Fire da Misfit. 
He was more full package 
Fire took the first two E Ness took the 3rd clearly 


Nu Jerzey Twork vs Rum Nitty 
both are punchers going back to back
I think they both did there shit in round 1
Twork edged it. His landed more  He had the rebuttal and some humour 
Almost beefed when  Twork started flagging as one is a blood and the other a crip. But there seemed to be no real problem 

round 2 nitty starts with a rebuttal of his own with the spud webb line 
Punches landing alot better 
People was sleeping 
Had some goonie shots
Reganomics  bars 
Nothing was the same bar 
Passover blood at your door bar. Then to the Baphomet line
Yall said he gone beat me to death! Yeah he gone die first
Some ok shit from Twork
Ok Jumping from Writers Block 
Mention Nittys son obviously was an issue 
Don't Believe the Hype Bar 
He flipped the suicide bar

Round 3
Rum Nitty doing Nitty with punches after punches 
Some good bars
Weak ending low energy 
Rome Ruins bar

OD two guns Mac Miller

Tiger woods 1 hook a lose everything 

Twork do more rapping and not punch punch style 
Good line 
He actually used the oppurtunity line which is funny Nitty predicted in the first round

Be Geez Try staying alive

The crowd was really into it 
Twork took round 1
Nitty took round 2 
Twork edged the 3rd 

Twork edges the battle but great battle 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

@kingofthedot - Kaliente vs KP | #WAVE3

So the return of Kaliente and KP to KOTD this is old school KOTD

Round 1
Kaliente is one of the most underrated rappers in KOTD. He is from an era when battler rappers had to actually still "RAP". His delivery and cadences are amazing. He' doesn't really PUNCH bar after bar so people don't appreciate his shit

He had some smooth shit and it looks like he even upped his punches good round 

KP actually suprised me this is the best round I've seen from him in awhile

He had some great delivery chances on his cadences He made sure to flow and had not as much played out lines he used to. 
His supercala Mary Poppins bar was probably the most creative name flip I've seen in awhile and wasn't a reach 

The shit emoji line to me is a bite  
Edge to Kaliente but pretty even 

Round 2
Good delivery some funny  jokes 
Stop hitting ya self 
Nice Ja Rule 50 Bar 
Peeping tom bar 
The round ended kind of wack 

KP says good shit but nothing real original 
He regurgitates stuff others have done 

Edge to Kaliente 

Round 3 
Meh... round from kaliente nothing really in it
Fire round from KP punch after punch 
edge to KP on this round

Great battle edge to Kaliente 2-1 taking want to hear more of them. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

@MATHHOFFA ‏ VS @heavy_half #RAPBATTLE #RBE @rare_breed_ent @itsarp @lawrence_rbe

Math Hoffa vs Heavy Half is a cool battle.
I am not going to break down this round for round
It is a clear easy win for Math Hoffa all 3 rounds 
I think this is one of the battles were tiers are very clear. 

I think Heavy Half had a good pen and ok delivery. 
He doesn't have the charisma to hold the crowd with his performance like Math. 
Math had the crowd all 3 rounds. 
He delivered pretty strong rounds with a few slip ups

He did allot of personal introspective a bit too much 
But he edged Heavy Half all 3 rounds 

Friday, 3 May 2019

@KingOfTheDot @GZBattles - @chillajones Announcement | #GZBattles @OrganikHipHop @GullyTK @BishopBrigante @KingFlyKOTD @DjDoctaKOTD @SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon @AvocadoIsGod @SketchMenace @ddubbkotd @lasparka604 @WillieBKOTD @NikiyaO @PoisonPenBK @Malathion01 @MouseMediaPro @ScottJacksonBB @RyanPVPKOTD @ReverenceNS @Lemme_kno @DGibs @PhillyDFilms @seansirianni @M_3rcy @JoeCashKOTD @HipHopVancouver @LifeOverCrime

@NoCoastRaps - @samiamthemc vs. @IsaacKnox @LushOne #VDM6 @DJPompey @breakneckdamage @shakezu @kellybetztv Follow Me @Kingscourtent

A great freestyle battle between two freestyle veterans and eventually legends
SamIAm who is from the original freestyle era and professional freestyler Isaac Knox

I think the battle was really close both had fire moments and meh moments. But its been steady and consistent.
I gave the first round to Sam I Am I liked his punches better
2nd to Isaac he was way more consistent and smooth 
3rd was close pretty even and goes back and forth edge to Isaac Knox 
I gave the OT to Sam I Am  

Thursday, 2 May 2019

@NoCoastRaps @errbodyknows vs @breakneckdamage @DJPompey @shakezu @kellybetztv #RoadTrip4 #NoCoastRaps #BattleRap

Everybody Knows (Honolulu, HI.) versus Breakneck the Mage (Minneapolis, MN.) headlining at the Urbana stop of our Road Trip 4 tour. Hosted by Shake at The Source. [Watch in 4K] 📺 SUBSCRIBE TO NO COAST RAPS: 


Round 1 
Some ok punches 
But allot of the lines werent landing
And his delivery was off like trying to remember bars 
He wasn't funny but tried

Everybody Knows  starts with funny rebuttal
EK had a better punch landing
Delivery is always meh...
Some really clever shit with the punches
EK wins the round

Round 2
Ok Rhyme schemes
Some personal lines of his career
Ok punches
Some name flips
Pretty good round

A nice lush rebuttal
Ok Round nothing special
round to Breakneck

Round 3
Ok round from Breakneck 
Ok nice rhyme scheme. 
Some good punches. 
Liked the shots to other rappers

EK goes in with some really funny jokes
His creativity incredible
His delivery was better 

Overall battle to EK 
great battle 

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*** Battle rap (also known as rap battling) is a type of rapping that includes bragging, insults and boasting content. Battling can occur on recorded albums, though rap battles are often recited or freestyled spontaneously in live battles, "where MCs will perform on the same stage to see who has the better verses".
Following the resurgence of freestyle battling in the 21st century, competitions began to move to TV shows shown on HBO, BET, and MTV. In addition, Eminem's movie 8 Mile introduced a fantasized version of freestyle battling to mainstream movie audiences, as the raps are scripted beforehand with much review.
From the late 1990s to end of the 2000s, freestyle rapping became very popular, with many artists getting attention for new styles, charisma, and witty punchlines in battles such as Scribble Jam and Rocksteady. These battles were usually three rounds to each, and the MC's would switch turns while rapping over older rap instrumentals.
Eventually, battle rap moved to a format which is now the predominant form of battle rap, where two emcees battle against each other without a beat, trading pre-written verses in three-round battles. The impromptu aspect of battling still exists in the form of rebuttals, which are short rhymes (usually in the beginning of a verse) where an emcee either comments on something about their opponent that was thought up on the spot (for instance, making fun of the shirt they're wearing), or responds to something their opponent said during their previous round. While not as prominent as it once was, the art of rebutting is still respected by many as difficult to do correctly, and a sign of a well-rounded emcee.

@40BARRSBOSTON vs @couture401 @qotring presented by @brooklynbabs @MrGrindSeason @deboqotr

1st round 
40 Barrs round seemed short 
Couture round was fire 
easy win fir couture 

round 2 coture had some clever lines 
good punches 
was ok round with some jokes bars 
40 started with rebuttal 
some nice name flips some sex personals and kid bars
great round for 40 some slip ups
close round pretty even 
I guess edge to Coture because the slip ups

Round 3
Starts with a ridiculous prop 
A whole nutty professor scene 
Funny but a bit much performance and not as much bars
The Daylyt bars was nice
Closers from her was strong 
Ok but weakest round from Couture 
40 went in on this round some real bars and go hard
Finally top level from 40 with pen
But seemed to slip up and the closer was kind of meh.... 
Pretty even round 
Easy win from Couture overall 
Great battle 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

@RUINYOURDAYNOW @RedFlagNYC vs @SketchMenace @elcheapotv @hiphopvancouver @avocadoisgod @pigstyvan @DamnItsClayton DrLaughNStalk @pigstyvan @early90spants @kurtomato

It's a battle that seems to be a small skateboarding theme as they both skateboarders
I dont get allot of the skateboarding bars
But I liked the battle for the parts I did get.
Red Flag is really good the way he puts his rhymes and schemes together. Everything rhymes well He has good internal multis throughout. Multiplepunches in a line and setups make sense
Sketch Menace was very similar but I figured he is just a bit better.
Hes much more smoother with his flow and delivery. Some find it boring but I like it

Red Flag had greatname flips and I think he used better angles in attacking Sketch then Sketched used on him
Round 1 Sketch Menance

Round 2  Red Flag 
Round 3 Red Flag

This was a close battle first watch gave it to Sketch but i'medging to Red Flag