Saturday, 28 May 2016

What You think of @ItsARP @RosenbergRaw610 Situation @RBE @HiphopisrealTV: @Jai400block #DatKingShh

Regardless of what is going on behind the scenes but as a league you dont fuck with someones footage. That fucks up your credibility.  You didn't do anything in his face, you went behind his back and doctored footage. That is bullshit and makes rappers not want to trust you when you gonna try and fuck up your footage on someone else.  

The explanation was a whole lot of talking but no excuse for what that was 

Happens around 6:45 of the video of the battle where there seems to be edit of the video for a shot Rosenburg made

Friday, 20 May 2016

#BattleSpotlightFriday @MrInnuendo_QP @kingofthedot @iBattleWW @blackicecartel @grindtimenow @AHATtv @DaJungle209 @HomeGrownBGCT @assaultbattling @Caliboysmoov #INNUENDO #PowerandRespect #sons #MoneyHoggGang #DatKingShh

QP - Battle Rapper Profile
Whether you call him QP Quantum Physics Quentin or #4 Battler in the World. Whether it the Jungle Grind Time KOTD  there's no denying who has one of the best and most innovative pens in the world. Without him battle rap would sound different right now.
Check out go through the battles and you can see and hear the innovation of where other rappers bit there shit from
QP vs Tyger Ty Might be some of my favorite to escape the wars in the Jungle 
Thought QP killed it and KP was good too
When they were two up and commers  years ago

Had to post this Da Jungle was one of the best minor leagues ever. RIP Tall T

QP was ahead of his time with his pen gam which is why people didn't appreciate this when it came out and Soul Khan was a crowd favorite who has had multiple questionable wins. He knows how to get the crowd and decisions to go his way but doesn't have the most replay value

Pen vs Delivery in this one on who does what better

Gotta put this here as a RIP Cadalak Ron 
I remember when Assault & Battling was the best of the minor leagues.   And now I think they don't even exist

Very rarely but yes QP does loose. But it was against Swave Sevah so I'm ok with that #TEAMHomi #RIPPH
QP killing on AHAT
QP seems to form crew with those he battles I believe REmyd became Innuendo after this

One of the better times a lower tiered battler battled QP
Cali lost but he did well 
Interesting battle as Scotty is kind of a son to the SONS

Actually not a bad battle 
The famous QP vs QP battle that formed the team of 1/2 Pound lol

Two of my favorite battlers going at head to head

QP doing a Don't Flop battle. Wonder what the UK crowd think of him.

The Return of Madd Illz rapping in a 2 on 2 with QP Madd Illz was always underrated in battle rap

Battle of former crew as Qp of Innuendo goes 1 on1 with former Innuendo and now Yellow Tape Gang member 100 Bulletz
Another grudge match as QP and Bonnie were in beef over her leaving Innuendo  also for Yellow Tape Gang and him telling people he ghostwrote for her.
Well he clearly showed he was the better writer here

You can see qp holding up fox lol I swear Fox used to be better when he started

As these two are some West Coast vets. I am surprised it took them so long to kick off
This was actually a heated match of the King Pen vs the Best Pen.  Qp had said if he lost he would retire and as you see theres no retirement.

QP freestyling and coming with bars. Blaqwoods was fighting out his weight class, and it showed

Two Grind Time vets going head to head

Qp was crazy here. Bangz was mehh..... Some reaches that seemed to be loved  now called wordplay

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Even though he has kind of been declared the winner in the Iron Soloman battle and Lux battle ( even though I disagree on the lux battle) This was probably the last actual good Murda Mook battle 

@ARSONALDAREBEL - The Greatest Of All Time by @minnesotaluke #DatKingShh #GOAT #WhoIsTheGreatestBattlerofAllTime

I really like the idea of this series. Theyre' multiple rappers that you could argue as the Greatest. It all depends on what you do or don't count in your personal consideration for the best. 
I would disagree Arsonal is the greatest of all time, maybe biggest most travelled could even be the most famous.  But he's at no point been considered the BEST. So I can't give him the title of Greatest

My personal view point is the GOAT is Hollow the Don
I want to one of these done on 
Hollow the Don
Pat Stay
maybe Rex

i'm not sure who else 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

@kingofthedot #BlackOut6ix Realiztic Vs @BonnieGodiva #BO6ix #YTG #DatKingShh @OrganikHipHop @RexKOTD @KingFlyKOTD @NorthANomix @GullyTK @BishopBrigante @DjDoctaKOTD @SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon @AvocadoIsGod @NelsonAries @DamnItsClayton @SketchMenace @ddubbkotd @lasparka604 @WillieBKOTD @NikiyaO @PoisonPenBK @Alwayz_Wynn @Malathion01 @MouseMediaPro @ScottJacksonBB @RyanPVPKOTD @ReverenceNS @Lemme_kno @DGibs @PhillyDFilms @seansirianni @M_3rcy @JoeCashKOTD @Kryple @elcheapostudios @HipHopVancouver @MistaConspiracy @LifeOverCrime

So Blackout has its intergender matchup with Scarboroughs  own Realiztic vs one of the top female battlers Bonnie Godiva. This was done on short notice because Bonnies YTG  crewmate Born ( Nuborn) backed out or wasn’t able to make it.
I will say that Bonnies  and Realiztics performance made this battle better than anything I expected from the Realiztic Born battle. I could imagine each trying to out gangster each other in bars (Yawn). Bonnie really stepped up here  and showed why she is one of the top females. And Realiztic showed why he  was taken from GZ to get a battle on the main stage here.
The best angles was Bonnie just clowning on how low on the totem pole Realiztic was.  Breaking down his numbers  on battles was hilarious. You got more dislikes than views hahahahaha
Realiztic approach is why I would never battle a girl. He went straight for the jugular and showed no respect. But that’s what you have to do vs a female
Watching the PPV I thought Realiztic got bodied. Watching back on the vid it was allot closer of a battle.
I  give the 1st round to Realiztic
2nd and 3rd to Bonnie Godiva

I cant’ wait for the Realiztic 2 on 2 battle

I wonder who Bonnie gonna battle next? I hope the bring down another female for her to face
Just throwing  it out there
 #WorldDomination Bonnie Godiva vs Don’t Flops Dekay

Pen game vs one of the best freestylers in battle rap would be interesting 


Wow so we just got the heated grudge match between two high profile legends of  this battle rap era with Math Hoffa and Head Ice.
I have to say I am highly disappointed.  This battle was absolutely boring as hell I couldn’t even finish it on the first watch.
This was hard for me to watch as a been a Math fan. NYB is one of the best newly formed 2 on 2’s in this era. But this was just ewwwww.
Ice been killing it on KOTD for a bit now just having great matches vs Arsonal  and a great match for Carter Deems
The first round wasn’t trash  it was ok but boring 
But neither really came with anything exciting and the other two rounds were almost unbearable.
This is up there for one the worst battles of 2016. If not all battles. This is the worst battle of the year between two battlers I like and think are good

At least Ice can say he kind of won this battle. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

@DirtbagDanShow Episode 85 w/ @mc_psycoses ,@LushOne , Reverse Live @agent_dank @SkylarG408 @DirtbagDan408 @mc_psycoses

Dirtbag Dan Show

I swear Skyler only comments negatively towards people. 
If he does comedy he will be like DL Hugely where he just disses people throughout his comedies 
I still don't like that they dont really talk about battle rap anymore. It just became group of friends talking about shit. 
Dirtbag Dan sometimes seems like he's trying to keep them on some kind of track lol 

I like the interviews with other battlers
I think a good segment that they could run is giving out battle tips of dos and don'ts for new comers

The Psychosis intervies was good.  and I liked them actually discussing battle rap 
The reason theyre not Juggalos rappers is horrocore style is not really big in battling anymore 
Juggalos are an amazing fanbase
But Technine is not a Juggalo

I agree with Psychoses how its fans look differently than a MC 

I definitely think you should do something for Fort MCMurray fire 
Thats a good look 

I think the documentary really needs to be done 

Why go in on the commenters when they are obviously your fan base that care enough to ask questions. Unless they giving you shit it seems like it's a horrible thing to do to a fanbase and really dont 

Its the DBD show of course all the viewers high. Have you ever watched your show sober lol Your fan base is high

Good show overall 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

SYAH BOY VS MONEY BAGZ RAP BATTLE - RBE @Rare_Breed_Ent @itsarp @DapDaGod @lawrence_rbe

Dam I didn't even know about this battle. 
These are two of my favorite battles that I feel are slept on and overlooked.
I never got how Syah Boy got slept on and John John gets over. I always thought Syah was the better of the two from GTATL days
MoneyBagz been out of the scene for a bit. His body of B Magic woke allot of people up  
So this should be a good battle
I would favor MoneyBagz as his punches are better and I think better energy 

Monday, 2 May 2016

@kingofthedot #Blackout6ix #BO6 #BO6ix @BIGTQMB @knamelis #DatKingShhh #Battlerap #MrChillackaboo

Watching the battle on the PPV I gave the battle to Knamelis pretty handily but it was much more closer watching back on the youtube

Knamelis I will say is more versatile with punches jokes schemes etc. But I think he might have more highs and lows than Big T. Big T was more consistent other than the slip ups No real highs or lows

Now there's T Rex and T Top you're not even the top T
Even Tall T didn't get shot you wouldn't be the top 3- Knamelis  
And Moms Spaghetti bars hahahaha

Big T came with some of the best Knamelis nameflips 

Knamelis 3rd round was crazy going in on Big T and in general Smack rappers hahaha

I give the 1st round to Big T
2nd round close but edge to Knamlis 
3rd body by knamelis with  the choke up

Sunday, 1 May 2016

#BOH #Departure #NewVideo #Ledger @Priceonline @RouteNINE6

Toronto artist Price drops new viduals for his record Ledger. Directed by Toronto based videograpgher Everett vane. Ledger was featured on Price's debut Ep titled "Departure"
avaliable for streaming via Apple Music.