Sunday, 15 May 2016

@DirtbagDanShow Episode 85 w/ @mc_psycoses ,@LushOne , Reverse Live @agent_dank @SkylarG408 @DirtbagDan408 @mc_psycoses

Dirtbag Dan Show

I swear Skyler only comments negatively towards people. 
If he does comedy he will be like DL Hugely where he just disses people throughout his comedies 
I still don't like that they dont really talk about battle rap anymore. It just became group of friends talking about shit. 
Dirtbag Dan sometimes seems like he's trying to keep them on some kind of track lol 

I like the interviews with other battlers
I think a good segment that they could run is giving out battle tips of dos and don'ts for new comers

The Psychosis intervies was good.  and I liked them actually discussing battle rap 
The reason theyre not Juggalos rappers is horrocore style is not really big in battling anymore 
Juggalos are an amazing fanbase
But Technine is not a Juggalo

I agree with Psychoses how its fans look differently than a MC 

I definitely think you should do something for Fort MCMurray fire 
Thats a good look 

I think the documentary really needs to be done 

Why go in on the commenters when they are obviously your fan base that care enough to ask questions. Unless they giving you shit it seems like it's a horrible thing to do to a fanbase and really dont 

Its the DBD show of course all the viewers high. Have you ever watched your show sober lol Your fan base is high

Good show overall 

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