Wednesday, 18 May 2016

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So Blackout has its intergender matchup with Scarboroughs  own Realiztic vs one of the top female battlers Bonnie Godiva. This was done on short notice because Bonnies YTG  crewmate Born ( Nuborn) backed out or wasn’t able to make it.
I will say that Bonnies  and Realiztics performance made this battle better than anything I expected from the Realiztic Born battle. I could imagine each trying to out gangster each other in bars (Yawn). Bonnie really stepped up here  and showed why she is one of the top females. And Realiztic showed why he  was taken from GZ to get a battle on the main stage here.
The best angles was Bonnie just clowning on how low on the totem pole Realiztic was.  Breaking down his numbers  on battles was hilarious. You got more dislikes than views hahahahaha
Realiztic approach is why I would never battle a girl. He went straight for the jugular and showed no respect. But that’s what you have to do vs a female
Watching the PPV I thought Realiztic got bodied. Watching back on the vid it was allot closer of a battle.
I  give the 1st round to Realiztic
2nd and 3rd to Bonnie Godiva

I cant’ wait for the Realiztic 2 on 2 battle

I wonder who Bonnie gonna battle next? I hope the bring down another female for her to face
Just throwing  it out there
 #WorldDomination Bonnie Godiva vs Don’t Flops Dekay

Pen game vs one of the best freestylers in battle rap would be interesting 

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