Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Wow so we just got the heated grudge match between two high profile legends of  this battle rap era with Math Hoffa and Head Ice.
I have to say I am highly disappointed.  This battle was absolutely boring as hell I couldn’t even finish it on the first watch.
This was hard for me to watch as a been a Math fan. NYB is one of the best newly formed 2 on 2’s in this era. But this was just ewwwww.
Ice been killing it on KOTD for a bit now just having great matches vs Arsonal  and a great match for Carter Deems
The first round wasn’t trash  it was ok but boring 
But neither really came with anything exciting and the other two rounds were almost unbearable.
This is up there for one the worst battles of 2016. If not all battles. This is the worst battle of the year between two battlers I like and think are good

At least Ice can say he kind of won this battle. 

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