Monday, 2 May 2016

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Watching the battle on the PPV I gave the battle to Knamelis pretty handily but it was much more closer watching back on the youtube

Knamelis I will say is more versatile with punches jokes schemes etc. But I think he might have more highs and lows than Big T. Big T was more consistent other than the slip ups No real highs or lows

Now there's T Rex and T Top you're not even the top T
Even Tall T didn't get shot you wouldn't be the top 3- Knamelis  
And Moms Spaghetti bars hahahaha

Big T came with some of the best Knamelis nameflips 

Knamelis 3rd round was crazy going in on Big T and in general Smack rappers hahaha

I give the 1st round to Big T
2nd round close but edge to Knamlis 
3rd body by knamelis with  the choke up

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