Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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So it seems that TV has become the perfect place for comic characters to finally come to life.  He have seen a resurgence of action TV shows that is similar to the boom of Sci-fi shows that came in the 90s 
We are going from the 1950’s in Agent Carter as well the childhood of a young Bruce Wayne, all the way to the future unwritten history that is Legends of Tomorrow. 
 Questions for all my proud comic book geeks and super hero fans.  
What is the best comic to TV show out right now ?
We have Agents of Shield, Agent  Carter  Jessica Jones etc… for Marvel  and we have Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow for DC .

What show keeps itself closest to the comic book material? 
Agent of Shield I believe have the best opportunity and the most freedom to go with there characters.
What crossovers would you like to see done on these shows? 
Now I highly doubt they will do a DC Marvel crossover, but they might so keep the suggestions coming in. 
Let me know what you think and what other shows you think should be made
Lets here your responses  in the comments. 

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