Friday, 12 February 2016

@ceemajor VS @CORTEZ_HSP | @dontflop Rap Battle @twitteurgh @BodyBagnall @ JoelWattsOnline @Charlie_Hyams @BenWMarsh @DanielMWright

Ok I was really anticipating this matchup more than most people around.
 I’ve been a fan of Cee Major and feel  he is one of the top MC’s  coming out of the UK and hope to see him get more international exposure. I did like Cee Major better when he looked more nerdy for some reason. 
 And I feel Cortez Is one of the most underrated rappers in the top tier echelon.  He’s so much better than many people place above him like Goodz or Shotgun. I feel that the fact that Cortez greatest skill is his “rapping” and people don’t care about that ability anymore.

I have to say it wasn’t a bad battle but it couldn’t have been better if it wasn’t for the few Cortez stumbles. Cee wasn’t as good as he usually is but for short prep time what can you expect.

I still enjoyed the battle

Because of the stumbles I would have to edge the battle to Cee Major.
Americans hate for anything that  doesn’t sound American is sometimes funny and sometimes sadly presents the ignorant American stereotype.

I would have loved to see this with more preparation but ok battle 

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