Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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Raw opens with a replay to what is probably the best PPV main event I’ve seen in awhile. Aswell it sets up the Wrestlemania main event being Roman Reigns vs  HHH.
We got to see some backstage fight of Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose, which I guess sets that fight up for Wrestlemania also.  We will see if Ambrose comes back.

So out comes Vince McMahon to give the Vincent J McMahon Legacy of Excellence. 
And the award goes to…Stephanie McMahon. I’ve been wondering where Shane McMahon has been and was hoping he would come back for a bit.  We got Shane vs Undertaker in Hell in A Cell!!!!!
That seems weird and wonder how they going to up the feud of Undertaker and Shane 

Lucha Dragons & Neville vs New Day
This match was incredible and ended amazingly with all busting some wicked moves. New Day are the best new modern day tag team.

Backstage with Roman Reigns Promo

Next up we got Paul Heyman and the Mayor of Suplex City, Brock Lesnar. 
Paul Heyman doing what Paul Heyman does best, trash talk.
Dean Ambrose return in the ambulance. This is perfect.  He’s the best a mix of Piper and Stone Cold .

The Uso’s Vs The Fake Demolition (The Ascension) Easy win to Usos
Dudleys  are great with there promo. I like this feud with the Usos and I’m really like the re-emergence of the WWE tag team division that’s been going on.

With Aj Styles
#SocialOutcasts they are hilarious!!!
#JerichoStyles old and new of some the best indie wrestling talent ever.

HHH/Stephanie Promo about the ending of the show and Stephanie let Roman know his match with Sheamus and League of Nations.

#GoldenTruth They gotta be a tag team of weirdos hahaha

The Wyatt family was a good idea and a great stable but the WWE has kind of killed there buzz as they never actually win the big matches. They always end up losing.
Good match and interesting ending with Ryback just leaving but was kind of anti-climatic.

The future of the WWE Divas division the Boss Sasha Banks, vs Naomi.
I haven’t liked the way they have kind of buried Naomi I think she deserves better
Win for Banks with the Bank Statement
I’m predicting an old NXT triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.

So got Roman Reigns again vs Sheamus for a great match to end Raw.
With the League of Nations and Romans messed up arm
HHH has gotten allot smaller in the last few years.
Dam that was a hell of a beat down at the end.  It makes HHH look like he has a chance to win this.

I want to see Romans revenge

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