Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Grind Time Now: PH vs Madness @MrMadness @ph_teamhomi @MADDILLZ @grindtimenow

Rank #1 and #2 face off in the first ever tournament to decide who is the Grind Time Now Champion! Madness and PH put on a classic that could have gone either way. Let us know who you thought won this rap battle.Hosted by R.C. Sniper and Too Major. Make sure to purchase the PPV for all the action!

Release Schedule:
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Fri Jan 23- MADD ILLZ & QP vs RC Sniper and Too Major (Freestyle bonus battle)

Fri Feb 13- Madness vs PH

Fri Feb 20- Getcha vs PH

Fri Feb 27- Spyder Murphy vs Baesik

Fri Mar 06- Mehsi vs Da-Ranged

Fri Mar 10- Ro vs TKO

Fri Mar 13- Voss vs Magnificents

Tue Mar 17- Too Major vs Kaymo

Fri Mar 20- Spider J vs Masun

Tue Mar 24- Qleva vs Zitro The Great

Fri Mar 25- Tre Don vs Mega 6

Tue Mar 26- Circa vs Cap So G

Fri Mar 27- Smurff vs Blesz

Tue Mar 31- C.O.M.B.A.T. vs Joe Blyke

Wed Apr 1- Quest vs Lu Berra (Father vs Son battle)

Fri Apr 3- Max Phryme vs Trini

Tue Apr 7- Suni Talynt vs I4NI

*= Schedule subject to change


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Rank #1 and #2 face off in the first ever tournament to de

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