Saturday, 28 March 2015

Battle Rap Friday: Rone

Rone vs Charles Hamilton back when Charles Hamilton actually had a buzz and Rone was some unknown kid that was a fan getting to battle him
Surprise for Charles and the beginning of his fall.

Rones GrindTime debut vs NY freestyle vet Eleagle.

Grindtime classic versus veteran DNA when they were both on the comeup

Rones first interational battle versus someone I'm a big fan of Tricky P traveling to Grindtime

Classic battles of two of the best in GT a battle of white guys Rone vs Caustic

Rones KOTD debut World Domination vs Swedens own Nils M Skils Big fan of Nils

The Death of Okwerdz in this battle with Rone
Rones DF debut
Compliments battle versus Pat Stay ....kinda gay but hilarious

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