Friday, 25 March 2016

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So Today the battle spotlight is on one rapper who’s legacy gets way overlooked. Swaves been beasting for longer than allot of rappers that we like to call legends but somehow some refuse to honor him with that much deserved title.  We all know that Swave is NY bred repping Harlem, but we have kind of adopted him as one of our own in Toronto. I don’t know if it’s the Bishop Brigante connection. But I remember Swave judging some Toronto battles, and also being an active member in our old HipHopCanada message board community.
He has had many classic battles including matches vs Syd Vicious and a bodybag of QP. But also had some setbacks like battles with Dizaster and HeadICE. For awhile it had seemed that the battle world had left behind Swave. I don’t know if it’s the anger he is feeling with the passing of his brothers, but Swave has been nothing but a beast recently. From his victory over Danny and debatable amazing battle vs TheSaga.  Swave looks to be on his killer shit right now, and I feel bad for who he is going to be facing.

Matches I want to see Swave Sevah in
KOTD Toronto Swave Sevah vs Skelly
Or Swave/BishopBrigante 2 on 2 
LA Swave Sevah vs DBD
URL Swave Sevah vs T Rex in Harlem
DontFlop Swave Sevah vs Shox the Rebel
Don’tFlopUSA Swave Seva vss Jonny Storm

What matches would you want to see Swave Sevah in
What's your favorite Swave Sevah battle

Plus don't forget Swave Sevah one of the few battlers that can actually spit tracks 

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