Monday, 21 March 2016

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Round 1
Diz was good but only if you into the racist bars…. I am not
You know rhymes with Bar Mitzvah.? Swatizka
And Anne Frank Bars
Some Pesci bars
I liked the whole speaking on the Iron Solomon quitting comeback shit.
Iron has had an artificial heart since the start of his career// Dam

Iron becomes rusty when you let to much time past//

It was a good ending better than opening  with the racist bars
The middle was good
Saying that he didn’t get his whole round means Diz wrote too much

Iron Solomon much better and composed battler love his structure but some corny punch

You can’t compete??????  Really
He had some good simple jokes

This afghan a stan hahahahahaha

The whole eye scheme about the fighting was fucking crazy

Since Homies a clown I might throw my  3rd round I wanna sock ya/
So if I beat this pussy ass 2-1 It’s not a shocker//

I think Iron structure to much for Dizaster easy round for Iron

Diz drops some jokes racist rebuttal starting the 2nd
Dam compare him to Iverson was crazy
Diz going in on iron career
This round is Diz in his element

How’s that recording studio going? You recording still? Dude your ill//
Still working on the recording deal..You’ll make it I know you will//

Who’s Iron Solomons Dad?
Doing Big T and don’t give Big T his props in it Kind of wack
I hope some of it is freestyle in the round
But the ending was meh,,,

In the 2nd round Iron Solomon was right Diz was doing a bit of Pat Stay vibe
Iron Solomon just straight out rapped him in this round
Got deeper into some Ye shit than Amber Roses finger//

Iron returns with some racial jokes
But breaks down Diz really true
I’m making this pussies tight this a Kegel exercise//

This was more even round pretty equal. Edge to Iron Solomon

Round 3
I like rebuttal from Diz  on Irons Solomon pinkeye

His Iron science bars was pretty crazy

You got beat down by Mook and couldn’t fight no more
That makes you the worse kind of whore
The one who fucks once and quits cause her vagina sore

You more pussy than a Weekend concert

I liked that Diz got better each and every round. He got more structured and better rhymes and and better jokes as the battle going on.
He went in on the political shit
The different language shit kind of lost me on this

Another breakdown of Diz inconsistency Iron goes in.
I think this was good but it was the weakest round from Iron Solomon
Warriors bars!!!!!!
Iron Solomon  better rapper by far


This was a great battle from both. I gotta give the battle to Iron Solomon 2-1 maybe 3-0 

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