Saturday, 5 March 2016

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Smack down opens with Dean Ambrose doing a pretty entertaining speech while selling the injuries from the previous weeks beat downs. He speaks on how he doesn’t really plan and flies by the seat of his pants.  He shows how it works out in getting a title match.
However in the speech he pretty much breaks down why he can’t beat HHH coming up. His victory really kind of screws up allot of what’s planned for Wrestlemania. 
Who would he fight for the title? They’ve already done the triple threat match, Would they try to compete with that match with a Fatal Fourway? I don’t think so. Which means Dean Ambrose will lose. I could see that it’s caused by some outside interference of either Brock, Roman or hopefully both.
Leads to Kevin Owens complaining about the fact he don’t even have a Wrestlemania opponent as of yet.
( I find that interesting with what’s going on with  Miz vs Dolph)
The trying to sneak on Ambrose and Ambrose showing him the giant screen was hilarious.
The best  match of the night was the the #1 Contender match for the Divas tile Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch. The only thing was the end of the match was so predictable I  seen it coming before the match Monday.

What would be interesting is if they had to fight in a steel cage or with Ric Flair banned from the building.
We have The New Day  pushing there feud with Y2AJ
1ST off y2aj is the worst tag name they could’ve came up with. Why not y2Phenonenal 
Or Y2Styles
Post some better names you can come up  for this possible great partnership.
Kingston vs Styles was a pretty good move but they holding back Kingston from doing some amazing stuff
So they had a tag match for Uso vs League of Nations.
This match seemed set up to do things make LON look strong as a unit, and to continue the feud with the USO’s and Dudley Boys.   I like both teams but there’s no real foundation to this  beef for me to sink my teeth into.

I have to say I really want to see the formation of Golden Truth. I think Goldust is one of the best wrestlers for WWE. 2nd best character to Undertaker for WWE.
I’m tired of Wyatt and if WWE doesn’t make the Wyatt family win some feuds yall killing the chance for the stable to be anything
Ambrose vs KO was a pretty good main event. With the state of Ambrose you knew it was going to be a beat down control of Ambrose for most of the match. But as Ambrose is a never say die type wrestler, he comes from behind and wins with a Dirty Deeds.

I really enjoyed this weeks Smackdown. Other than the womens division not allot was cleared up for Wrestlemania. After Roadblock it will be really interesting as to how everything pans out

What’s your Wrestlemania card look like?
What was your favorite match?
What would you name y2aj

Be on the look out new Raw show in the works coming soon


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