Sunday, 27 March 2016

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Swave vs Danny Myers is a very controversial battle.  There was allot of talk of east coast Team Homi bias. And some who are claiming  Danny got robbed. I will start saying I prefer Swave Sevahs style to Danny Myers

Round 1
Some good jokes about there both voices and Swaves hair
You’ll be bleeding on the curb serious Weird setup
Ya momma gotta deal with this shitLike when my daughter got her first period

Mossberg close range leave his body mangled
This Kick only time I bring up an karate angle

I gave 12k to Rex that aint shit I gotta a bloddy past/
M and my nigga had got pulled over we had dummy cash/
I had to swallow the dope
 I was a rapper trying not to aknowledge that white boy in me… like Money Bags!!!

 That was fire

Some of his punches were reaches but that is Dannys style
His setups are horrible but his punches are in general fire

Swave slipups in the 1st round kind of weak. I am surprised
It got hot after the beginning
Its not allot of bars but some smooth actual rapping beyond set up punc set punch
Hard to see us drama seekers/
Bar god? What’s a god to a non believer/
Yo dam bro you gonna diss danny myers with Kanye?/
So ! He pussy like panty liners and Strangee/
I’ll set your family on fire.  Flambe/
Fuck your bloque I will burn your city down.. Pompei

I edge to Danny do to the slip up. And Swave could have had some bigger punches
Swave opening was so tripping up but from the middle to the end was hot

2nd round
Danyy punches and wordplay on some horror movie shit pretty good.
Some Swave old jokes I swear the same age lol
Pretty strong round from Danny
Best I’ve seen him in a bit
I’ll put the tool to Swave, you’ll die from old age very shortly/
You are the first battle rapper to be managed by Berry Gordy//

Swave starts the second round with some nice nameflip wordplay
Some ok flow delivery but the punches were meh
I liked the breakdown of the BarGod

I’m a put this God to put rest the Sabbath day
Shout out to PH
Easy win for Danny

3rd round
Why Danny had the beef with Sara Kana hahhahhahaha
Some ok punches in this
But it’s the weakest round of the 3
I like how it ended
The list of Harlem rappers hahahaa

Swave going in on Danny saying he’s the King of Harlem
Some gruesome shit
Not allot of punches but great angle
I will say this round was an easy win for Danny

So overall this battle was pretty even
If you judge rounds Danny won 2-1 but overall I could see how you could edge to Swave. 
He did have the strongest round of the battle in 3rd and rapped last

If I judged the battle I might edge to Danny 

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