Thursday, 10 March 2016

Newest Best Battler Out Lu Cipher @swaggaboss Scrambles4money @kingofthedot @dontflop @faceoffbattles @TROYBROWNTV #Waystidtalent

Ok I have heard the name but didn't check him out until 2015.  He made me go  and check all his previous battlers.
Lu Cipher from the Waystid Talent crew. He is officially my new favorite battler. The way he mixes jokes gun bars personal jabs together is incredible. His battle with Troy Brown is an official classic. He needs to get bigger battles soon but I see top tier battlers ducking him. I know if I was a top tier battler I wouldn't want to face him.

I wonder if we can see him with Storm 2 on 2 battle.  He actually battles allot and has put in allot of great work. Hes been traveling like crazy. His trips to the UK and to South Africa came back with two W's.

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