Thursday, 17 March 2016

@100Bulletz VS @Soljitsu | @DontFlop @BodyBagnall @JoelWattsOnline @Charlie_Hyams @BenWMarsh @WizardBeats @DanielMWright

1st Round
This was a crazy round from both
100 Buletz has fully gone beyond being just a scheme rapper and really being a battle
“From Harlem Crips to the the Gaza strip bullets kill soldiers every day” DAAAAAAM!!
“They gave this skinny African kid 100 Bulletz, you just a child soldier
His fake choke was incredible and coul’ve gone bad

I loved Sol son bars as Bulletz calling him his son all battle.
Sol was  great with the humour and very natural stage pressence
“If you calling me your son than just quit. Cais if I’m your son that would make me a son of a bitch”
You being my father you wouldn’t want to be that I’m Luke Skywalker it’s on sight when I see Dad”  That’s Cold!!!

2nd round was good from Bulletz but was probably his weakest round. He still wins
“This match is like Gjonia “A Dizaster in the making”

“Who are you Shuffle BET?”
His mention of  Cee and his Sol name flips was on point
“Eurgh sold you sol, Now you gotta deal with devil”

His classic He Said That!!! Funny
Some nice nameflips
The choke was bad he could’ve played it off nice because of Bulletz choke
I liked the hmmm ending that was funny
It was some how still and enjoyable round

100 Bulletz doing that talk to them in that 3rd round

“Family man  but still put bitches to sleep.. That’s the Cosby Show” That would be bigger  in US or Canada
Sol had an ok round I actually liked it but he got edged it
“Now my straps like facebook, Cause nobody pokes anymore”

And I don’t know the dialect issue

A great battle but 3-0 to Bulletz who has shown he’s a higher caliber. 

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