Wednesday, 6 January 2016

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Battle Rap Profile Manaz Ill: Blind to the Haters

If you don’t follow battle rap extensively you might be surprised about the Aussie rap scene, especially for such a small country how influential they have been to the foundation of this battle era. From Justice in Scribble Jam to 360 and anecdote and others in WRC’s. The Down Under was always down.
One of my favorites in the new era of battle rap has to be Manaz Ill.  Very funny clever lyricist with good delivery.  He can and has stood against the worlds best in battle rap and far beyond being a joke or gimmick of battle rap. You see Manaz Ill happens to be blind.
I love that it’s not used as a crutch ( unless it’s his opponents), and not needed for his success. I think the only thing it’s forced on him is this desire everyone else has for him to battle Blind Fury ( the US’s most popular blind battle rapper from 106 & Park fame)
I still want to see that matchup as both of these guys have impressed the fuck out of me in battles So vs each other would be great.

I was a little disappointed with his performance vs Charron but most of the time Manaz is really crazy. He’s prepared and ready for the blind jokes so it’s better to come at him more versatile

Check out his battles

I also like that unlike most of these new age “battle rappers” Manaz is a MC who actually makes music.

You gotta respect that

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