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So fot #TBT we are paying homage to one of the original mega events in battle rap, and maybe the longest running Mega event KOTDs World Domination.
This is the Olympics of battle rap. This is the one time you will get not only the best in North America but the best all over the world together on one stage.
Where else can you go see a rep from Phillipines Australia UK South Africa Canada and US all together.  
I love the idea of the event and I hope they continue to push this event to have people all over the world representing, don’t just turn it to another megaevent with the best from North America being represented
This was the first one so I believe only  Canada US and UK were really represented in this inaugural event

Labelled as terrorist battler 
This was the best HFK and he got robbed
Diz was good 
Enjoyable battle 

Matt Daley Vs Lawjick
Wow I don’t even remember seeing this battle and I was at the event. I don’t even know who Lawjick is.
It seemed it didn't go they had 

Tycoon vs Roosevelt.
Two lower mid tier cats who got a good opportunity
Flamez and Diaz two dudes who get more hate then they deserve. Diaz is actually a good “rapper” but not a great battler. Flamez has had chokes really fuck up his potential I liked this match up

The homie Aftershock was the underdog as this was a battle vs one of the best pens in the Fresh Coast.  As Aftershock is the homie and I’ve always thought Dlor kind of a clown how he carries himself outside of battling I was glad when Aftershock took the victory

Ok this match brings back history Big Kaliente fan felt he was underappreciated in the KOTD  crowd He was also robbed vs Hollohan in the battle they had. Frankie Wapps is a funny guy who can think of  funny punches Not the best rapper
Happened at another event

One of my favorite from the event. These are two of my favorite battlers for years now. This was when Charron was still mainly a freestyler with some funny lines A Class is clever on how he attacks 
Happened at another event

This was the start of the Tricky P Deffinition wars 
I’m just throwing it out there  How about Tricky P/ Deffinition 2 on 2 vs Charron/Cruger 2 on2 match up to finalize it

Times have changed. This was when  Porich and Sensa were two of the biggest names on there selected platforms. 

This had such potential to be a great matchup But it had one of Pescis most famous chokes that kind of ruined the replay value and killed an amazing real deal and promising Pesci performance.

The friend vs friend battle that was highly anticipated  It’ was back and forth and was all it was made up to be. It’s at this point that Pat overtook Hollohans position in the spot for KOTD.
Kap Kallous was much better than I thought he would be when he went in on Charron
I think both teams did well and pretty enjoyable 2 on2
Jaze Juce is the better version of Frankie Wapps when it comes to battling. I think he’s more of an MC. Justice not the most lyrical but was on his Justice McFly shit that day. Nice from both
Skelly vs QP????????
Dam that would have been something
This might be my battle of two of the most underrated battlers that I really rock with. Jack shitt was so underrated on KOTD. He could come back and kill. Cruger gets more love but not enough
Miracle vs Rone
This was a battle of Miracle as a Vet and rone known but still up coming in the Toronto scene. And soon he’s about to be champ.
Would have been good 
 probable BOTN 
This was incredible performance from both of them 
 This was when both these guys were getting hated on for the fact they been  on tears
Sketch been slept on. 
They both called each other pedophiles haha.
KOTD top guy vs DF top guy 
Eurghs battled allot for KOTD. 
Back when jokes still ran KOTD loved this battle
This was a major upset as nobody really expected Arcane to have a chance. However if we look at resumes Arcane is a killer of the WC vets. We just need to have him face Caustic at Blackout and Illmac at the next World Domination event lol

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