Friday, 1 January 2016

Batle rapper Spotlight Friday: @2NoShame Worlds first Transgender Rap Battler @PinkNews @TransgenderNews #LGBT

Battle rap is known for its misogyny  and acceptance of homophobia in its lyrics.
The best attacks can simply be calling your opponent gay. So the thought of a transgendered battle rapper was very interesting.

NoShame is still not accepted in major mainstream platforms and I don’t know if the talent is enough to have people overlook the sexuality issue

I like how NoShame knows the lane they are in and doesn’t try to avoid it or hide from it or pretend it doesn’t exist.
Everyone wants to speak of the courage of Kaitlyn Jenner and I never got what they did as brave, when society has it set up that you can’t say anything negative to Kaitlyn without backlash. 
Let Kaitlyn do what NoShame does and get into an industry where the purpose is to be mocked
Admitting you are transgendered than getting involved in a past time where your opponents job is to break you down with mean insults.. That’s bravery.

I have seen a few battles and NoShame has talent lyrically.  I will say the challenge is how to continue without becoming a  gimmick of yourself. 

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