Monday, 18 January 2016

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Music Monday: Dialect

When this man is not considered one of the best battlers out is a sign that appreciation to actual rapping ability has diminished greatly. Not only is he a great battler, but just facing him forces other battlers to up there rapping. 

Where that comes from is a thing that the modern battler has totally forgot about it. Actually making music. Battling used to be means to an end and not the actual goal. 

The grime stuff is really great and shows great delivery and when good great lyricism to go with it.

Check out Dialect as he can flip it musically in the grime world and the hip hop world. 

Leeds born Dialect has got P's on his mind in his latest visual. He spits some truth about issues that can develop when money is a worry.

Dialect | Warm Up Sessions [S8.EP20]: SBTV

Dialect & Pean | Supply & Demand [Music Video]: SBTV
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