Tuesday, 5 January 2016

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Did Chedda Cheese just clearly beat former KOTD Champion Kid Twist?
This was one of the best battles I've seen recently, and the second I've seen from Kid Twist
 ( Check out Kid Twist vs Oshea on Don't Flop)
Its like he's personally bringing a resurgance to the roasting and joking side of battle rap that KOTD was birthed in. 
Chedda in this showed when it comes to rapping he is just on another level when it comes to delivery. It's the help of actually making songs. Kid Twist showed why he was and is one of the best freestylers in battle rap.
   I give the first two rounds to Chedda Cheese I give the last round edged to Twist. I loved how both of them closed out there 3rd rounds at each other. 

KOTD Rap Battle - #FB2 - Kid Twist vs Chedda Cheese
Hosted by Dizaster & DDubb

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