Tuesday, 5 January 2016

@DAREALTREX vs @marvwon | Presented by @bbgbattles

Marv Won vs T-Rex a battler that could have happened years ago. Two that dominated previous eras, that were able to be successful in this era.
Marv brought some good Rex had some nice lines. He wasn't generic until  the 3rd round were he seemed to just a verse out
Marv was good not great. He used home field advantage well and not corny. I admit I feel Marv is better when hes not trying to out-bar but when hes roasting. Its not that he don't have bars, its just when hes clowning rappers hes amazing at it, because he raps better than most.

I enjoyed this battle it wasn't too long and both were clean
I gave T-rex the 1st round and Marv Won the 1st and the 3rd round


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