Tuesday, 3 January 2017

#DatKingShhh @KingOfTheDot Presents @Al_Bender Vs @pnutCA #GanikVsGully

This was the most  one sided battle for the GanikVsGully  event. It pitted Gullys ringer of the team. P But vs Ganiks big dog and return of one the best Canadian MCs Bender.
P Nut though on Team Gully is an actual veteran on this shit. He been doing this on the West Coast since the beginning of Grind Time.
Bender had taken some time off battling but after the battle with Fredo looked like he was making a return.
We also got a surprise return from KOTDs villain Loe Pesci.
The things I didn't really like was that it wasn't Bender at his best. Which would have led to a debatable classic.
And the fact so many "fans" seemed to not who Loe Pesci was.  Really????
The decision on this one was easy to make and it was a clear win by P Nut

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