Friday, 9 January 2015

Battle Rap Friday Vol 1 Mr. Mumbles @KingOfTheDot @BeastmodeBL @JonnyJibbz @GotbarsBL

On this blog I will posting battles from some of my favorite battlers Some will be known around the world, some will be local rappers, some will be international battles that might not be known but I really enjoy them

Please Check back every Friday to see the new battle of the day

Seeing how this is Volume 1 we will start with myself

This is mt last battle at GotBars ( because of no shows)
Vs The King a victory for me
One of my favorite as both of us came correct

This is my last battle at BeastMODE Battles Vs Skinny Dooms. I took the loss in the decision but i felt that allot especially in my first was slept on

This is my 2nd round battle in the GotBars Tournament Vs Freestyler I took the loss slipped a bit but thought I had some good stuff here
This is my 1st round in the GotBars tournament Vs Provincial took the win in a close decision. I like this as both of us freestyle which maked the battle more fun My First Battle On BeastMode Was Supposed to be at another place but got rebooked for my debut I slipped a bit in my third but I thought I took the battle but didn't get the decisionThis was my first and probably only time on the KOTD mainstage because KingFly was my partner. Watching it back we actual had some nice bars but really didn't prepare and practice 

My first battle on KOTD Vs Mookie Wilson. This was classic for a few reasons 

1. It was the first GZ event
1. Old School Battling Mookie called me out in this battle.
Lost a close decision but I thought the 3 rounds were good slipped in the 3rd had to freestyle instead of drop my actual closer is the one thing that upset me of the this battle.
I had been wanting to do a KOTD battle for awhile but the name they gave me I didnt really feel inspired to battle so I was glad when the Mookie situatiion happened

This battle was a freestyle battle I performed that night and last minute was asked to join the freestyle battle. I won the 1st round and in the 2nd round got Kid Twist. This was before anyone really knew him I only seen him once before was a little tipsy not serious and really not ready for the battle 

I will be posting the best of my favorite battlers
In the next coming weeks check for battles from
Fav in Canada: Charron
Fav Female: Yung Gattas
Fav DF: Arkaic
Fav STL: Hitman Holla
Fave Freshcoast: Thesaurus
Fav NY: Hollow The Don

and many underground rappers that I feel people need to know

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