Saturday, 20 August 2016

@ArtOfWar305 - @KnowledgeMedina VS. TROY BROWN - RAP BATTLE

Welcome To The ART OF WAR, Miami's ultimate Rap Battle arena!! Reporting Live From the 305 we At AOW aim to bring you, the fans, all the footage (and insanity) of the South Florida Battle Scene as it goes down!!


And This main event is one we're proud to make happen!! 


 From before AyoDub's inception, Knowledge Medina had already been a powerhouse and Florida legend. With Classics Against Mosh Jelton, Dutch Vega, Frankie Wapps, PH And Amzilla, Craig Lamar, The List of wins and classics he has at this point is Staggering, as he as only gotten better with time (how is that even possible?). His punchlines, his bars, his jokes, his performance. Medina is Florida vet and main event FOR A REASON. He steps into the ring


=== TROY BROWN ===

DMV and FACEOFF represent!! The Marlyand native makes his debut in Florida!! From grindtime's Atlanta division beginnings, Troy brown had made considerable noise for his abilities after a stunning performance against John John Da Don. Having faced the likes of everyone from TONY D, the current Don't Flop Champion, to Kaveman Brown, Troy's ability to mix freestyle with prepared material is damn near second to none. His wit and humor can disarm you, and leave you open to haymaker that comes out of nowhere! Great to watch LIVE and on youtube!

Who will win? Will it be the Top Dog of the DMV? Or the Head Chief of Florida? WATCH AND FIND OUT!!

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