Saturday, 20 August 2016

Mike Melinoe - Caveman EP @mikemelinoe

When you hear Caveman, you won't be surprised that Mike Melinoe is a product of Detroit, Michigan. His lyrical style recalls Eminem's syllabic knots, his voice stretches like Danny Brown, and he summons images with the grotesque clarity of Esham. But that's not the only reason. Melinoe's music is a psychedelic trip through abandoned factories, greyscale cityscapes, and the sort of psychotic imagination that can only exist in the place between boredom and despair. The songs on the EP swing between the confessional collage of "DLOG TAOG" to the stoned love-poetry of "Nightmares"- but are held together by his singular sneer and unhinged vision. A clear highlight is "Man, Cave", the almost eponymous track in the middle of the EP. It'll leave you wondering whether Caveman is a reference to his primal ad-libs or the druggy half-reality his raps grow out of like the images in Plato's Cave. The kid is a demon, haunting a post-industrial wasteland with a playful vengence. Yeah--he'll rap circles around you, whipping around language like a lasso, but he'll do it all with a red-eyed stare.

-Alex Nicoll, Writer, Formerly at The Needle Drop and No Fillers

Bio: Mindfully mysterious, Detroit’s conscious riddler Mike Melinoe is a demigod. Combining psychedelic sounds and a lo-fi internet-bred aesthetic with old-school lyricism, The Organic Geniuses founder deliberately swerves his way through drugged-out ballads with crisp clarity. Melinoe’s music exists in a plane that marries classic boom-bap to the intricate chaos that can only be summoned by a computer. Melinoe snarls with an elevated consciousness about his life, but eschews narrative for a collage of images. With impressive vocal elasticity, the artist treats beats as blank canvases rather than a series of lines waiting to be colored within.

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