Sunday, 12 June 2016

@BeastModeBattle - BIG DUBBZ @GTRecords905 VS GRID @Grid_FOE - Rap Battle @JonnyJibbz @LymeLyteVideo

He rapped too fast Got some good multis some ok punches 
Gotta work on his delivery no real flow on it. 
Dubbz look like Froses skinny brother with this beard lol

Grid got better flow delivery Some good punches but its all gun bars 
Get shots off cam like when tek be reacting lol 
Nova and Pen station call out Slow Loris diss dam Grid  going in 

I think writing wise was able to win as he was more well rounded in his attacks but his delivery really made it hard to get into it and follow the punches

Easy win for Grid just as his performance is much better 

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