Thursday, 30 June 2016

LFTB - D tay VS Trebo @WE_R_LFTB

Round 1
D Tray goes from scheme to scheme
Some of them hit some of them were kind of stretched. I think he started allot harder than he ended in that round
Ring with the Heat twice than go back to the cavs was crazy
Trebo seemed more basic but I liked the style straight up punches
Trebos Onion bar was fucking insane on some break down shit
I was actually surprisingly impressed by these guys
Edge to D Tray
Round 2
D Tray started crazy with the blessing scheme
Back into the punches and scheming of the first round
Again some of them hit some of them seemed reaches
I think Trebo was real good and straight to the punch but  it was good Nice Pac round.
We killed the president than killed the person who killed him as soon as he got captured!!!!!!
I think it was an even round D Tay punches more and Trebo punches harder I will edge this one to Trebo

Round 3
Dam D Tray just starts with some haymakers One after the other pretty good round
Least amount of reaches just some great punches
But his ending was meh…
Ok I round from Trebo But probably the most basic
I liked that I’m not sparing him line
Edge to D Tray
I think D Tray is allot better with the punches. He is more elaborate with the schemes and entendres and what not that is done now
but Trebo does give a bit more realism in his lyrics and seems to be on the real talk type shit
Trebo looks like he wants to fight when D Tray raps but D tray needs to not talk so much in between bars and rounds and shit

This is a close battle and preference will say who won. 2-1 either way but I edge to D Tay

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