Tuesday, 23 May 2017

@KingOfTheDot - Rap Battle - @NessLee vs @Pass510| #BO7 Review

Round 1 
I liked the Yung Ill simple call out
That would have been a horrible one sided match for Pass 
Pass nothing specific crazy but great multi rhyme schemes and flow
Unpop your memory scheme was sweet

Nice diss on Ness on Interscope everyone does it but it was done well 

P nut vs Ness Lee would have been crazy as well They would have matched up well

I have to say I liked how Ness Lee starts with a rebuttal. This one wasn't too hard or crazy but it was funny simple and spit smoothly went over well 

Ness also came with some amazing delivery and multi flows done well a few slipups

Round 1 Edge to Pass in this round 

Round 2
 The Cancer line and setup was amazing 
Pass continued with the schemes 
A pretty strong round Nice clean verse

I didn't get the rebuttal from Ness
He good at mixing some jokes and bars here

Everyone mentions the Hollow shit but his simple breakdown was funny and true career wise
hahaha You lost to Bishop what the hell is wrong with you

We feel like ROasting Bring that ass here boy' lol 

This one harder as I think they went over different approaches. I think Ness more versatile and had a clean verse
Edge to Ness

Maybe Draw 

Round 3
 Pass with some jokes
Hello Dark Ness my old friend hahhaha
Started strong like when he did the Out ness you 
ended kind of mehh....

Ok dumb it down rebuttal 
Goes in on Bender
Calling for the chain was nice
The Pass scheme was the best I've heard and ended the battle 

I have to give the battle edge to Ness Lee
Pass edge the 1st Ness edge the 2nd and take the 3rd 

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