Wednesday, 24 May 2017

**THE FINAL RELEASE OF THE #iPaulEP** - InderPaul Sandhu - #iPaulEP -

Uk Rapper & Singer InderPaul Sandhu releases the final two tracks from his infamous #iPaulEP.  

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InderPaul Sandhu is a first generation Christian, meeting Christ 7 years ago in a barber shop music has been a tremendous tool that God has used to shape his life. The man that was born to a Sikh father and Hindu mother, now wants to be used by God to help usher people from his own community towards the Lord. In particular Asian youth, he says I remember watching stars in their eyes when I was ten years old and this little white kid sung puppy love. Everyone was watching it in awe and I remember saying I wish I could do that. My godmother than asked me why I couldnt? And I replied her because I was indian. She then told me that talent didnt have any color he then went onto say I know I aint the only indian kid thats felt like that. InderPaul strongly believes God has made him a niche for a niche community and that music is how he is going to impact his community and generation.

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