Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Strike is a UK hip-hop artist that proves that he is a poetic, syllable beast with a unique blend
between U.K. and U.S. musical style. Originally born and raised in Reading, Berkshire he is
now based in East-London. He is releasing a three track EP that displays his versatility and
word play. This will be the first of two EP’s he will release in 2017.

The lead track ‘Carousel’ was co-produced by Alex Murphy, a university friend and would be
described as a poetic love song that is bound to paint warm image in your mind on those cold
nights. The video, shot in Southampton follows Strike pursuing his love interest as they flirt
and play in the woods and along the cold shore.
‘I Don’t Really Care’ shows what it means to attack a grime track and still manages to give
you a catchy and playful vibe. This track is accompanied with a lyric video in which the
graphic looked amazingly sketched over.
Last but not least ‘Sip of You’ was co-produced with newbie producer Mark Montague a.k.a.
Mark 1 from South-London. The video has that old school 90’s R&B vibe mixed with new
school graphics as we watch the beautiful video girl getting ready for her date.
The videos have all been created by the amazingly talented George Kountouras a freelance
film maker that did a great job of bring Strike’s music to life visually. The EP was mixed by
MOBO award winning, Grammy nominated engineer Clinton 'Ubiquity' McCreery.

Recently Strike has been slaving away producing new songs for himself and other artist. One
artist in particular is Albert Gold, a soul singer from Hackney managed by Fierce Panda.
Albert has been working hard on his EP titled ‘Oxygen’ named after the lead track that was
co-written with Sacha Skarbek and Tom Baxter in Kensaltown Studios. Strike produced the
two other songs ‘Another Love’ and ‘Until The End’ which they wrote together. The last track
is a remix by Happy Cat Jay. Albert’s EP is out 28th April 2017.

If you haven’t seen Strike live be sure to check out his Youtube channel and watch him play
keyboard and guitar with his band while he raps!
He recently opened up for Marco Mestichella at the Cavendish Arms at his launch event and
is now working on new live videos.

Next gig is the 28th May at The Great British Tattoo Show, (Alexandra Palace, London) on at 12:30pm GMT

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